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Revel Immortal 0.8 Alpha is out

Posted by , 25 June 2013 · 414 views

Revel Immortal
Greetings all!

Revel Immortal 0.8 Alpha update is out, and notably adds local region maps and fast travel.


Maps are represented as a 1 pixel per tile, or 1:16 ratio.

Garranshall is composed of 80x80 maps, of 40x40 tiles each; this means the map of garranshall is 3200x3200 pixels.

Around the map you can find markers which allow you to fast-travel to these locations.

Most of the markers so far are present and travelable in Garranshall from the start of the game; this is only because it is assumed that Morning would know locations of castle Iridine and Garranshall quite well.

By default unless explicitly learned about, or discovered first-hand map markers are not present. When locations are learned of second-hand, the markers are shown but are not fast-travellable until arrived at manually.

Ah so the game's development is done by a team?

Hopefully you will pass on the information.

Not quite a team, but there are a few people involved here and there.


The npc inventory code is being worked on by John Bellos at the moment.

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