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First 'mini-game' mechanic in Revel

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I recently added a 'mini-game system' to Revel which can host various mini-game instances.

Below you see 'MGSecretCode'

Any minigame can be started via an action (as part of activating a structure or choosing a response option in dialogue), and using simple syntax:

o.miniGame({type:"SecretCode",secret:"revel",success:function(){ /*result here*/ }});

Posted Image

Mini-games will be used to 'break out' of the normal in-map gameplay mechanics.

For simple things such as choosing options, entering text; or more complex things such as lock-picking, piecing together notes, pattern matching, etc.

This gives us a bit more leverage in how to implement parts of quests and secrets in the game.

Feb 20 2014 02:05 PM

Very nice.

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