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Update 6/17

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Hi all,

Way too long since my last update (~2 weeks).

I've been making good progress with the map views in Revel, which are the main gameplay spaces.

I now have Morning walking about and can place down various structures.

I also spent considerable time stripping out a bunch of unneeded code and making performance modifications particularly in the area of the clothing/equipment colorizer.

In particular performance was abysmal on my samsung tab 3; it seems that some features, notably certain canvas composite operations can murder speed on certain hardware.

So, instead of doing a true colorized multiply, I instead now do a 50% blended rectangle, using src-atop to clip it.

This has the effect of brightening the graphics a bit, but so far I like it, and it is amazingly fast compared to the original code.

Now that I have a player character and the start of an environment; the next important steps are related to UI/Inventory & Combat.

I am hoping to go with a very minimalist UI, with a focus on mouse-click and tap; with enhancements for keyboard use.

Jun 17 2014 03:05 PM

Let's see some pictures :)

Jun 17 2014 07:00 PM

Some updates are picture-less. However, I am happy to hear that you are testing the game on multiple platforms.

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