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Dukandia - This Week's goal.

Well after what I think has been two or maybe three weeks we have a planning document finished, we are working out and details and will be sharing the whole document in reversion one or two as soon as we can. The reversions will mostly be re-organizational issues. Making sure the document details core game play and then the things you can do and the...

Forum Development

In my last post I mentioned how I planned to go ahead and code my own forums system, as well as provided a mock up screen shot. This week I have planned out all the variables How I will go about doing it. For the most part that is all I have to share, but I will go ahead and share some of the core features I think the forums need to have, although as...

Forum mock

I have decided i'll get a quick mock of the forum done today since I have the time. All opinions are appreciated since I'll be hand coding it don't limit your advice Posted Image And yes that large block at the top would be the chat box I plan to implement into the main...


A few days ago I gave you the mock design of the site, that site is now complete and can be viewed at here! The site for the most part is complete, it has a projects page and allows us to organize our information and well I like the way it looks for the time being. Some updates I need to make...

Looking for Information

Well recently I was "promoted" so to speak, more of just a title change to group/company owner of Iron Genesis. Now I myself have never looked into the information required to know when starting, and maintaining a company but as far as I know there are a few main points. Copy Rights, trademarks, and taxes. I was curios if anyone had some...

Site Mock up

After a week or so of planning, design, and well of course color decisions I have been able to mock up an updated version of my site. The site includes the team selected name of our group / company as well as providing a much better looking slideshow, and information display. There is not much to say although, I might want to hear what you think of my...

Dukandia - Progress update

Now if you have been following Dukandia for at the very least the past two weeks, you will know that more recently we have started to do some heavy planning and idea tossing to try and get a feel for what we expect the game to do, and how it will work. Now it is indeed this planning that is going to actually halt development for a week, possibly two....

Dukandia - Graphical Design Update, Video E.T.A, and Some More Planning

Posted Image

Hello and welcome back,

Now if you have been following what has been going on this weekend, you will know that we have been trying to get a G.U.I complete and acceptable, after looking at the ideas presented and fixing the...

Dukandia "Teaser" Graphic and This Week's Accomplishments

Posted Image

Hello and welcome back,

This week we have re-traced our steps and got back down to basics to do a re-design on our code to allow us to have a more flexible and re-usable framework. While doing so we took the time to also...

Dukandia - In-depth details, inside look, and a few fan targeted questions.

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Hello and welcome,

Today's update includes some insight on some planning that might have not been discussed in as much detail as I would have hoped, as well as to get some opinions on the ideas presented as well as the...