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Dukandia - Forgive the delay, let me know what you think!

Hello and welcome,
Well the past weeks work has picked up, I have had a few more things so, I'm sorry for any delay's that occur and I'm also sorry for how late this update is coming.

Dukandia, Currently we have some great progress, almost getting on the in game side of things, but sadly we will be scrapping the coding progress, as well as the...

Im back

Well, after a few hectic weeks, I can finally get back to work on Dukandia, this week we will be adding another brain to our team. His work will mainly involve helping decide what ideas we keep and what we throw out as well as further developing the story. Dukandias summary will prolly be rewrote later this week.

New projects, Updates, and the next few weeks

These next few weeks I will be working on a few new projects, as for Dukandia, over the next week I will be attempting to finish the temporary male and start on the temporary female sprites. (Can be seen in the Isometric Sprites topic located in the Visual Arts area of the forums.) The Next update on Dukandia will come when character customization is...

Dukandia - This week's progress and the 3-day weekend before us

As some of you may know Dukandia has reached the point where all of our planning must be set-up so that we can start working on the game itself. Sadly, this weekend we will not be having a video to preview our new progress since this week and possibly all of this weekend will be some major planning and a review of all of our past and present...

Dukandia - A week of progress!

well as some of you might know last week, we released our first video on Dukandia progress! we decided that we should try and publish a video every week, and this week is no exception to our new goal. This week has also been amazing as far as visual progress goes. Last week we left off at a barely functional main menu / log in menu and the...

Dukandia - In-Week Update, and this weekends goals!

As some of you might know, last week, along with this week Dukandia has been making a lot of progress, as far as finally having something to show for all the hard work being put into the game. Below I will go over what has happened this week, and then I will discuss what I will be doing for this weekend,

Well, this week I was able to get in a few...

Dukandia - Experience a new idea!

I have been taking a few extra classes lately, and I have noticed an obviouse pattern when it comes to learning (getting Expirience) when it comes to new skills and the like. It's a bell graph isn't it? You start of gettIng little to no Results or progress, then reach a point where your advancing rather quickly, then you'll eventually...

Dukandia - Character Selection Preview

Well today as some of you may know, I got off work early today, so I decided to finish the "rough draft" of the character selection menu. This menu in my opinion might need some changes, so If you have any suggestions or advice on the design, layout, or anything else let me know!

The menu is comprised of a few parts, one is the three...

Dukandia - This week's progress

Well this weeks had some interesting turn outs,
This week I was able to get the main menu fully functional with text fields and buttons and the like. This week did and didn't go as planned, I was able to get the main menu to work, as well as get it to the settings menu but sadly due to the time I had to spend this morning re-writing some code for lag...

Dukandia - This weekend

Hello there,
Now if you've been following Dukandia's progress you'll know that for a while little to know work was being done until last weeks re-design. Now the re-design of course did not go as planned, it went better. The redesign completely changed the speed at which Dukandia can be done. The redesign, however great it is can not protect us...