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Dukandia - Forgive the delay, let me know what you think!

Posted by , 25 March 2012 - - - - - - · 831 views

Hello and welcome,
Well the past weeks work has picked up, I have had a few more things so, I'm sorry for any delay's that occur and I'm also sorry for how late this update is coming.

Dukandia, Currently we have some great progress, almost getting on the in game side of things, but sadly we will be scrapping the coding progress, as well as the menu graphic progress due to some overhaul we have done on the planning side of things. Now these new update's won't actually set us back too far, in fact most of the slowness caused in the past, was due to me not knowing java and thus I was unable to do things I would have otherwise needed to know how to do. well, this is just a summary below I have outlined reasons for, each new update as well as give you some inside peeks of our new NEW features.

Graphical User Interface (G.U.I):
Now one of the biggest realizations was that the G.U.I was a bit showy for a 2D game, so we have decided to work on it and give it more of a "Toon" look, this look will allow us to use a 3D like menu while still retaining the "fun" and "2D" aspect that is allowed when making a 2D game interface.

Windowed Mode:
This has been a feature that well, I simply had decided I disliked, however I have come to realize that not all graphic cards support re-sizing as well as the fact that windowed mode is a rather good feature, it allows you to close the game if it crashes, ect, ect.

Hidden H.U.D Components:
We decided to add the possibility of the world ending, now by this we don't mean doomsda- well actually we sorta do, In Dukandia your technology and such advances with your progress and attempts at survival, so in doing so you can actually pollute the world, now what happens if the whole world becomes polluted, it begins to get toxic, if 65% of the world is toxic, the world ends. When you get the correct Skills otherwise hidden H.U.D components will become visible informing you that your in a ##% Polluted area and the toxicity of the current location is ##% in other words survival know-how.

Single Player:
After a lot of thinking and realization that an online world could get rather boring and such without the plot and events and such that usually drive someone to play a game, that and the possibility of a single empire arising ruining the game for everyone, it only seems right to have a fall back, maintenance free version for you to enjoy. The single player version is much like the multi-player except it offers a tutorial, an explanation of why you're on there and well the plot events, story and other interesting aspects are sure to keep you busy and wanting more.

Story outline:
Please note that the following information is unfinished planning material that I have decided to release for public opinion, it is not set in stone and does not actually represent working and or completely thought out ideas.

Dukandia: Story and Quest Plan - Josh Cole

This script orchestrates the overarching story of the game, which will be broken into segments or Chapters, with certain in-game effects triggering new chapters. This means that there will be no blazing through the story. To progress, the player will actually have to explore, survive, and expand the game as it was meant to be played. The story should not effect the sandbox aspects, but should provide something of an incentive for more story-driven gamers.
Key: Throughout the script, I will be writing notes to the reader (Mainly to Ice, since he's in charge of Dukandia).
*Notes asking for confirmation on certain aspects of the game will be written in bold, and centre orientated.
*Notes explaining certain aspects of the script and how I assume they would work will be in Italics, and left orientated.
*If, God forbid, the font of inspiration runs dry, notes asking for help or input will be written underlined.

Intro/Tutorial - Prologue

The character creation screen fades out to black, and the screen slowly fades back in to view, looking down on the dark, dank cargo hold of a ship. The wood is greying with rot, and the only light originates from a small lantern hanging from the ceiling. The character (for the purpose of the script, lets call him Jenson) awakes, and walks into the centre of the room, to a circle of other people (perhaps sitting, but I can't be certain the game will allow that), all wearing ragged clothing, with dirty faces.
'Oh, you're awake!' An elderly man slowly stands up and comes over to Jenson. 'I thought we'd lost another one.'

Basic Mechanics:
Please note that the following information is unfinished planning material that I have decided to release for public opinion, it is not set in stone and does not actually represent working and or completely thought out ideas.

Tile Type Change

When a player moves from one type to another...”

When a player moves from one type [of tile] to another type of tile, the server will generate a randomized number, we can then say if this number is (1-100) 0-25 for 25% and such to generate interesting events. Such as 45% of stubbing your toe if you are barefoot and go from dirt to paved so the randomized number would be checked for a number 0-45

The exception is when you go from stone paved to lets say gold paved or cobble paved, or if you go from shallow to deep or water to swamp and such since these are similar tiles there is no need to call an event or wed overload a player with shit tons of events if lucky/unlucky (tick + eel bite + stubbed toe or something weird like that)


When an attack towards or from the player is made”

When an attack towards or from the player is made, the server will again do a randomized number, and using 0-# can create percentages for an event, one of the ones I really want to do is a 35% chance of your ammo when using a ranged weapon dropping to the floor for use again, and if this happens actually rising the quality to 110% of its original.

The exception is player versus player combat.

That is all we have this morning, but the days still young, this week we are sure to have more of the story, some new graphics, get our coding re-done and for sure improved as well as introduce a melting cube logo and a video or two outlining our progress. Stay tuned and let me know how this all sounds too!

Yours truly,

Im back

Posted by , 14 March 2012 - - - - - - · 633 views

Well, after a few hectic weeks, I can finally get back to work on Dukandia, this week we will be adding another brain to our team. His work will mainly involve helping decide what ideas we keep and what we throw out as well as further developing the story. Dukandias summary will prolly be rewrote later this week.

New projects, Updates, and the next few weeks

Posted by , 26 February 2012 - - - - - - · 663 views

These next few weeks I will be working on a few new projects, as for Dukandia, over the next week I will be attempting to finish the temporary male and start on the temporary female sprites. (Can be seen in the Isometric Sprites topic located in the Visual Arts area of the forums.) The Next update on Dukandia will come when character customization is completely done and we can save, and load a characters looks from the server correctly. As for my other projects, most of them are simply engine starters for later projects, websites, as well as a few programs to help me manage my time and such. I will post updates of projects as I see the need, See you next time.

Dukandia - This week's progress and the 3-day weekend before us

Posted by , 17 February 2012 - - - - - - · 679 views

As some of you may know Dukandia has reached the point where all of our planning must be set-up so that we can start working on the game itself. Sadly, this weekend we will not be having a video to preview our new progress since this week and possibly all of this weekend will be some major planning and a review of all of our past and present idea's, through the progression of Dukandia we have changed the way we've wanted to do things by well least to say a lot. So I thought id share some background information for those interested in the progression of Ideas, below that is this weekends idea and what we have finalized so far.

I'll be honest Dukandia is one of those project's I have always wanted to start and its idea has gone through worlds of changes. Dukandia originally was a simple hack and slash orpg. the game was meant to feature many creatures and a world of creatures you've never seen before, this was approximately two years ago. Now despite all the planning put into it Dukandia never did kick off, then about a year ago, I had a change of heart, I realized that making it this way would be well, too bland in my opinion. So i set myself making the player live in a persistent earth, where they would strive to live off the land, with other players. This however had re-spawning, and well it featured many flaws. Since then Dukandia has been in planning non-stop. I had decided to change many key aspects. Instead of earth, I decided it should be a world "similar" but not exact to earth. Animals you've seen mixing with animals you can only imagine. I also changed it from "normal" 2D to isometric 2D. Death is a constant reminder to watch what you do and form alliances and such. In all Dukandia is ever changing even today, and in my opinion can be summarized as a "life" simulator, I want to see when given the options what players decide to do, how the community decides to handle crime as a whole, how alliances will work, and if like the present day, will people start to have to conserve the resources they have, will terraforming remove some habitats and thus cause the death of entire species in the world I present them? these are questions I greedily await the answers to.

This weekend:
This weekend we want to plan out the first hour to first five hours of possible game play, this includes character creation, possible locations and the resources each area will allow you to use. As well as some of the problems, technology, and skills you will be able to use.

Note: Im directly pasting from a text file so all formatting is "indent" based

*Note: colors are beige, red, blue, and green for startup.
	 Cloth Shirt
		  Long Sleeve
		  Short Sleeve
		  No sleeve
	 Cloth Vest:
		  No Under Shirt | Long sleeve
		  No Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
		  No Under Shirt | No Sleeve
		  Cloth Under Shirt | Long sleeve
		  Cloth Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
		  Cloth Under Shirt | No Sleeve
	 Cloth Dress:
	 Cloth trousers:
		  Long Legs
		  3 quarter legs
	 Cloth Skirt:
	 Cloth Hoods:
		 Up | New
		 Up | Torn
		 Down | New
		 Down | Torn
	 Cloth hat:
		  Long Toung
		  Short Toung
		  No Toung
Hidden Attributes:
	  Hidden attributes and extra bonuses can be unlocked using the redeem code function so expiriment!

Dukandia - A week of progress!

Posted by , in Dukandia 12 February 2012 - - - - - - · 772 views

well as some of you might know last week, we released our first video on Dukandia progress! we decided that we should try and publish a video every week, and this week is no exception to our new goal. This week has also been amazing as far as visual progress goes. Last week we left off at a barely functional main menu / log in menu and the ability to view the settings menu. This week we have a lot more done as far as menus and their functionality! This week was also one of our most active IN the week, usually we have other things to do but this week we got lucky. I informed you of our new Character selection menu, as well as gave you a rough idea of our new experiences system, and hey it doesn't stop there! read below, video will be displayed at the bottom!

Character Selection:
This menu has really been on of the more "big" menus. The buttons are well big and its one of are more clustered menus at that and the first to feature multiple Blocks of wood! The left will show a portrait of your character as well as symbols about them (see video)

Posted Image

Character Creation:
I will be honest, this menu has me worried, it is the most daring; has the most new interface options and well covers most of the screen! However I really do like it, it has options that we can later use for amazing features in the game. So let me know how it looks and if we did good at trying some new techniques, button size was returned to normal for this menu.

Posted Image

This idea is really hard to explain, so well useless block of text this is; see the video below however here are some graphs to help try and explain it, follow along with the video if you must.

exp gain graph.png
speed and quality graph.png


Note: Audio get weird here and there, sorry, will prevent this in the future.

you can view the video here:

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Dukandia - In-Week Update, and this weekends goals!

Posted by , in Dukandia 10 February 2012 - - - - - - · 677 views

As some of you might know, last week, along with this week Dukandia has been making a lot of progress, as far as finally having something to show for all the hard work being put into the game. Below I will go over what has happened this week, and then I will discuss what I will be doing for this weekend,

Well, this week I was able to get in a few hours off work, I usually don't have the pleasure of having. During this time I've as some of you know, made the character selection screen, as well as released a rough idea of what I plan to do with experience. (I feel that I did not explain the idea in enough detail and this weekend's video will provide a better explanation and some graphs to assist your understanding) I have also got the settings menu pretty much done!, it currently lets you change the sound and music bars percentages, and it saves when you click save, and reverts if you click back! Now all that's left is normal versus wide screen!

This weekend my goal is pretty small since I don't know how hard it will be, will update tomorrow if its easier then expected. Anyway, the first goal is get the settings screen fully functional. The second goal is getting the server set up to log you in! The second goal is the one that I'm worried about only because I will be making user registrations happen on a webpage, so this might be the bulk of my weekend. However if it isn't:

If the second goal is done a lot easier then I expect, the third goal is to make a placeholder for the head shots in the character selection screen as well as make the character creation menu! The fourth goal is to get the character creation menu semi-working, if anything at least get the name choosing set up for this weekends video, if That happens I think it will be one hell of an update in comparison to all our other weekly updates. I am finding the more I use java, just like my bell graph idea states, the faster and easier I am learning to do new things and thus end up getting closer to "mastering" the skills I need. I call that proof of concept.

Let me know how this all sounds, and any questions regarding Dukandia can also be answered!

Dukandia - Experience a new idea!

Posted by , 08 February 2012 - - - - - - · 536 views

I have been taking a few extra classes lately, and I have noticed an obviouse pattern when it comes to learning (getting Expirience) when it comes to new skills and the like. It's a bell graph isn't it? You start of gettIng little to no Results or progress, then reach a point where your advancing rather quickly, then you'll eventually slow down as you master this skill.

I want Dukandia to have a similar learning Expirience. You start off at What a normal game would game would normally give you then you'll start getting more and more and speed up the time it takes you to do it, then your Expirience gain will level back to normal but the new speed and better results remain. In other words if you get lumber jacking your first few logs will give you lets say 25 exp. Then you will rise from 25 to 30 to idk 50, then after a while it will go back down to 25 with better quality logs and fast logging speed still intact.

sorry was typed mobile and for some reason it dint safe most of what I had.

Dukandia - Character Selection Preview

Posted by , in Dukandia 07 February 2012 - - - - - - · 736 views

Well today as some of you may know, I got off work early today, so I decided to finish the "rough draft" of the character selection menu. This menu in my opinion might need some changes, so If you have any suggestions or advice on the design, layout, or anything else let me know!

The menu is comprised of a few parts, one is the three character spots on the left. These have a square where the future character head shots will go. The head shots are there to help you pinpoint the character you want to use, while clicking on it will make the character's information show up on the large right panel. To use the character you double click the character after the information appears on the panel.The information panel will tell you their "experience" some of their skills, I might add an inventory preview and you will get a small preview of your stats. Your hunger, Stamina, and health bars.

Posted Image

Dukandia - This week's progress

Posted by , 05 February 2012 - * * * * * · 748 views

Well this weeks had some interesting turn outs,
This week I was able to get the main menu fully functional with text fields and buttons and the like. This week did and didn't go as planned, I was able to get the main menu to work, as well as get it to the settings menu but sadly due to the time I had to spend this morning re-writing some code for lag reduction I was unable to get the settings menu fully functional.

As promised I did upload a video, the video is a short one minute or so video on how the main menu looks when in use, as well as a preview of the settings menu.

The Video can be found here.

This weeks goals:
Naturally, this week's goals are to get the settings menu working, character selection screen up and running. Later this week I should be able to show you guys a preview of the character creation screen for opinions and as a small tease. Sorry for the lack of content, but hours of coding, behind on my work, and hunger is driving me to call it a day.

Dukandia - This weekend

Posted by , in Dukandia 03 February 2012 - - - - - - · 806 views

Hello there,
Now if you've been following Dukandia's progress you'll know that for a while little to know work was being done until last weeks re-design. Now the re-design of course did not go as planned, it went better. The redesign completely changed the speed at which Dukandia can be done. The redesign, however great it is can not protect us from the next road block: Sprites. Anyway below I have a few questions that I hope some of you are willing to answer these questions relate both to personal preference and to what you think is the best idea to keep the project moving.

Server data:
Server data if course is going to be a huge part in Dukandia, and well any other serious online game, and well I just don't have that much experience with server data. In all my years of programming the teams I have worked with, well to put it simply they were the people who said "I hate my job" so the minimum effort was always applied. SO here goes my question:

Do you think on file or MYSQL server data is better, if neither what is a better way?

Sprites now or later:
Now this I am pretty sure comes down to personal opinion although it may be one of those "everyone does this" situations, anyway I was curious I will soon be getting to a stage in development where sprites are needed for sure, should I worry about making them now, or should I use a temp to get programming the rest of the general menus and then come back? In my opinion sprites now but I usually love to hear what people have to say and why, one persona cant identify all the angles after all.

Do you think making a sprite now, or coming back to it later is more efficient / better for development.

Dukandia like all games needs and icon, and well we have a few chosen, not just chosen named! This here is purely personal opinion but it matters to us! So let us know! We have narrowed it down to two contestants:

Bill the leaf, or bob the book (below)?

Attached File  bill the leaf.ico   31.29KB   44 downloads

Attached File  bob the book.ico   14.73KB   44 downloads

Sundays inside peek
This Sunday I have decided that I will post a video of Dukandia's menu. This is really nothing to be waiting for however, it does show you the menus, how they look in working order and such and thus it IS worth mentioning, so stay tuned!

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