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4: Adsense

Dukandia - The Last redesign

Well, once again I'm looking at a redesign, however this one is different. The past redesigns could be put as a "learning" experience, me testing what worked and what was not working in java. This next redesign has a completely different approach after learning enough through what I knew and trial and...

Been busy but I'm back!

Well, the past two weeks or so have been a bit hectic for me, so development has gone well you can say it had stopped! No worries to any of you interested in "Dukandia", I will be getting back to work tomorrow at noon! I would also like to add that I will now be categorizing all my posts, mostly due to the fact that this way I don't...

Site Upgrade

Well, today was going to be a Dukandia development day, but after going to my site to update text i realized something... The site being made when I first began web and software development sucked. A basic html one only looking good on Internet explorer it was bad so below I have a list of improvements as well as a link to the improved...

Day 8 plans and this weeks agenda

The weekend returns and with it, Dukandia's development.

Three day weekend
This week I will have the pleasure of having Monday off, I will be using it to try and get Dukandia up and running into a gameloop. (currently uses a timer since exit button has yet to be made functional)

Plans for the...


Hey not much to say other then I am limited to the days I can work on Dukandia, but I'm not worried about progress, since I did most of the work on these days anyway:

Dukandia: Friday - Sunday with some exceptions

Side Projects: Mon - Thursdays

The side project is a simple rts game I'll be building during lunch breaks during the week,...

Night 7

Well today's progress was good, but a lot slower then what I thought it would be. I'll break it down into graphics and coding below.

Well, after creating the new main menu, I decided to create a widescreen version. What I mean is, those who have a widescreen monitor will experience "squishing" on the original works, so in...

Day 7: A larger step towards realese

Whats new today?
Well, if you haven't already check out our post in the announcements section (click here)
The post hold A LOT of information now regarding the basic planning and development of Dukandia, Below I will only be able to announce what needs to be done today,...

Day ; Back to buisness

yesterday I posted saying it may take me a few days to figure out the areas of java I was unfamiliar with, luckily it only took yesterday! The Game is completely rewritten to work faster, and is set up so that future functions can be placed without re-writing much code. One of the biggest changes code side, was our new mouse listener; Here soon we will...

Day 5; Complications and in-deph update

Today all is well; with the Log in and Loading screen done I can continue to code,

Graphics side of things:
Today I will be doing the settings menu, and possible the character selection menu. These bring us closer to coding to the main game. I should also start trying my hand at character pixel art, my last attempts were horrid to say the best. I do...