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Dukandia - Planning release 1; First Three Core Features.

Posted by , 16 May 2012 · 991 views

Below I will have a "spoiler" hidden planning document. This document is about 13 pages long. It gives you a in depth information source on all 90 skills, and the other basic core features, the next document should finish off the core features and should delve a bit into the actual items of the game.

Skill List

Planning Document 1

:P ya, I think its best I keep it in part if I want to release it at all... its a rather long document
Scrolling through rather rapidly, all I saw were the skills "Baking" and "Taming animals" merge together so I read, "Baking animals", to which I immediantly thought, "Baking small animals? Count me in!"

Congrats on the progress. Cool idea about Bird Mapping and carrier pigeons.
Thanks, I'm glad you like the idea it's one if my favorite.
That's a lot of things you can do! :)
My one regret is that proper terraforming is held in farming for the alpha and no magic terraforming will be permitted, ah there's always version 2 :P