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Rolling blackouts

4: Adsense

As you probably know, many sites will black out tomorrow in protest of Senate Bill 968, or PIPA (Protect IP Act). Since this site is supported by WordPress (one of the companies protesting PIPA/SOPA), we may be down too. Being against SOPA/PIPA, I’m okay with that. Being trapped in a snow storm while all this is happening… Well, I’ll find something fun to do. In the meantime, please educate yourself about the ramifications this legislation will have on the Internet and the games industry and learn how to take action against it. Your voice has value. Do not let it go to waste.
My earlier article (please view the update)
A message in protest of the ESA’s support of PIPA/SOPA
Contact your congressmen and encourage them to stand against PIPA/SOPA
Thanks for hearing me out, everyone! Have a safe and happy blackout, and do your best to make the Internet the free and open environment we’ve fought so hard for.


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