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Hello, World!

Posted by , 24 January 2012 · 1,121 views

Welcome! This Diary will be use document the development of a game I have been dreaming of for some years now. I am the sole Programmer and Artist at BlueStar03 Studios, and janitor, receptionist and valet. I don’t have much experience in neither field, but I think I have enough to start, and learn the rest as I continue. Today I will write the first lines of code that will became Crystal Destiny. It will be written in C#, leveraging on XNA. For the art, I’ll use Blender and Gimp.

About me:
After graduating High School, I served in the US ARMY. I essentially was the IT for my unit. Afterwards, I enrolled at The Art Institute, studied media arts and animation, did not finish. Now I attend a community college, studying Computer Programming.

About Crystal Destiny
The First Ideas of what has ushered me here came to me around 2002, while playing Golden Sun. While I had already wanted to make games before that, I really liked the world of Golden Sun, I found a program called Game Maker, and I started making my game in it. Sometime after, I started to add more ideas from other games I liked, Zelda, GTA, Kingdom Hearts. Once I decided I wanted it to be in 3D, I decided to find another way. I found XNA when it first released, and the ability to play on the Xbox 360 is an awesome feature, but I couldn’t program at that time. I looked at others solutions, but I always had an eye on XNA. I finally decided to learn C# so I could use XNA. Now I am decently versed in the language, got better in my artistic skills in the meantime as well. Crystal Destiny is the name I gave my game. It will be an open world, 3dperson action adventure RPG, targeted to run on Windows, Xbox360, and hopefully, Windows Phone 7 and Web. It is an ambitious first project, but my vision is clear, and I believe I can deliver it. In about 2 years. So better get started if I want to meet this deadline.

Any comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, complaints, requests or cream soda is appreciated.

Hey man, I'm gonna watch your progress. I'm in school at Full Sail right now for game design. I'm also a veteran (Marine). I took a little longer to get around to figuring out what I wanted to do. I'm 35, married, kids, working full-time.

So how did I find your blog? We have an assignment about using Gimp for game design, and so I Googled "gimp game" and your blog was the top hit. So here I am.

Anyway, good luck to you! I look forward to playing Crystal Destiny some day.
Sorry i Clicked on the wrong button, and i dont know how to undo it. i like your comment not hate it.
anyways... hope i dont disapoint you when you start playing my game. :P
It's cool, I wasn't even sure how to get back here through the website. I had to go to Google again! Thanks for the intended like!

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