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Chronicle Update 04

4: Adsense

Has it been a Year? or a Month? Nope. It has been a week Posted Image. Hope I can keep this up. But anyways, the latest update is up at http://www.bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha/002/ . not much, thou the point of posting as frequent as possible is to get as much feedback as early as possible, so that it is easier to change. Like last update, a comment ( yay comment Posted Image ) asked if the blue blocks were buildings. while it is quite early in development, and I am using more abstract placeholders, it was a bit confusing to just show 2 lines of blocks forming a corner with an opening on at least one of them and come to the conclusion that it is a room. so I decided on how to display the walls. While still crude and unfinished, it does show that they are rooms better, and it help me figure out how to draw distinct parts of a wall. still highly abstract thou. Now I will focus on showing different levels on the building, like a second floor, roof or basement, which also means stairs and ladders. lets see how much I can finish in a week. Plus, 2 weeks 'till GDC Posted Image

Mar 05 2014 03:23 AM

Very nice. Screenshots are never a bad thing.

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