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Life at Demergo Studios

4: Adsense

Saturday Dev Update 4

Well, Saturday has come and gone... like 3 days ago, but things have been so busy around the office that finding time to even sit down and write up a simple status update can be hard to fit into the schedule.

Saturday was very busy. The artists were hard at work, working on more...

Moving Like Fixbot

Post by Zak, Design Director at Demergo,

So, if you’ve been keeping up with our past entries you’ve gathered that our game messes with the normal thought of gravity in a platformer. Fixbot is a repair bot on a spaceship. The spaceship has no gravity. To...

To Move or not to Move

Post by Joel, Programmer at Demergo,

A critical element of any game that must be considered carefully when designing and developing is the movement and controls. The decision will affect every aspect of the game and the very feel of play. There are as many movement styles as there...

Saturday Dev Update 3

Post by Dan, Programming Director at Demergo,

It's been a crazy week here at Demergo, and we've gotten a lot done!

This week we've implemented a new tile engine, as well as reworking the level editor to handle it. While...

Building Ground to Stand On

Post by Dan, Programming Director at Demergo,

Early on in the design of Project Fixbot, we knew that we wanted large and somewhat complex levels, designed primarily around our movement style. We needed to be able to handle different kinds environments, and we wanted a lot of...

Beautiful Worlds, Part 1: Research

Blog Post by Omni, Art Director at Demergo:

Oy, world! It's me, Omni the artist, and I'm here to talk to you about environmental design! As far as games are concerned, environments are an aspect that is often overlooked or taken for granted. However, there is...

Saturday Dev Update 2

After a long hard day of work on Saturday, I know many of us at Demergo are ready to take a break, but with the looming deadline just about 9 weeks away, we don't have the luxury.

Over the course of this week there's a lot we...

Basic Level Design: The Unseen Job

Post by Zak, Design Director at Demergo,

People forget about the level designer: most people can imagine someone programing the controls, an artist drawing a character, or a writer weaving a story, but his job mostly gets ignored. The level designer is kind of like a janitor: he...

Of Large Levels and Small Devices

Posted by Ian Wagner, Programmer at Demergo,

"I suffer from short-term memory loss. It runs in my family. At least I think it does..." Speaking of which, one of the fun things we get to deal with while developing the Fixbot game engine is management of the device's...

Saturday Dev Update

As Saturday comes, here is a recap of what happened at Demergo and what got done.

On the art side of things, the main character Fixbot was rendered, and one of the enemies was rendered as well. A lot more concepting of environments occurred as well as some rendering of the environments.
On the design side of things, design finalization was taking place on...