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Life at Demergo Studios

4: Adsense

The Design of Fixbot

The Design of Fixbot Fixbot Blog Post by Omni, Art Director at Demergo...

Game Design: Guiding the Player

Post by Zak, Design Director at Demergo:

Someone told me that a designer's job is about making decisions. He wasn't talking about game design specifically, but it seems to fit. In my little bit of experience I would like to add one other thing: designer's fix problems before they happen.

One of the problems we faced with the design of Project...

Who are we... and where did we come from?

Aside from the obvious answers: we are humans and we come from the planet earth... well... some of us at least. Who exactly is Demergo Studios? Where did we come from? And why are we here?

It started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... on a little known planet called earth, in a little known city called Greenville, SC, where a number of ambitious...

Announcing Project Fixbot

Today we are very excited to announce our latest project, FixBot.
Project FixBot has been under heavy development for the last month and we are really excited about showing off some of the cool stuff we have been working on....