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We are not Dead and We are not Silent

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Post by Dan, Programming Director at Demergo,

Hello family, friends, fans, and enemies! Due to the exaggerated rumors spreading like wildfire that we are dead, we felt that we needed to speak out. Okay, so that was exaggeration on my part, but I did want to write and apologize for our recent lack of communication! We've been busy working hard on Project Fixbox, but that is no excuse for not keeping all of you up-to-date.

Don't worry - we are not dead (okay, enemies - you can worry) and we will not be silent!

We have all been working hard, I am proud to announce that we are proud to announce that Project Fixbot has reached the next stage! We'll be officially announcing the game title and release date tomorrow, so check back here (well... not "here" as in this post... but "here" as in the website)!

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