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Demergo Studios Announces function.repair

Posted by , in Demergo Studios, Fixbot 17 April 2012 · 1,068 views

fixbot function.repair demergostudios demergo indie game
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Posted Image

Today Demergo Studios is happy to announce our new game: function.repair

On a spaceship at the far edge of the galaxy, a small robot awakes...

You assume the role of one of the many fixbots whose primary function is to repair the ship. After boot up you find the ship in great disrepair and set out to fix the damaged sections. However, repairing the ship will prove to be more difficult as you will run into various environmental hazards, hostile aliens, and mysterious saboteurs.

Function.repair is a 2D platform shooter boasting a truly unique movement style, a fun (and perhaps edible) art style, cooperative play using up to 4 iOS devices, and an original full-length soundtrack that truly brings the environment to life. All of these elements come together to create an engaging single or multiplayer experience.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Formerly known as "Project Fixbot," Function.repair is something that we have been working hard on over the last few months. We are really excited about its impending release and we hope you will be too.

Function.repair will surface on May 19, 2012. Check the website and the image gallery for new screenshots, promotional art, and downloadable wallpapers! More will be added as the days go by.

at first glance I found that logo extremely difficult to read
Hey Gaiiden, Thanks for the feedback! That is something that a number of people have been telling us and I know that Omni and Phil have been working on improving the readability of it for the last few days. They are trying to increase readability while still retaining the cool design aspects of it, but that can be a difficult job.