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Yorg's first builds

Yorg's first builds Hi! After a lot of coding, we've released our first builds of Yorg ! From a gameplay's point of view, we've added a lot of features: now there are two tracks , four cars and eight pilots . It is an alpha version , so we still have a lot of work to do.
Here is a screenshot:

AI for Yorg

AI for Yorg Hello everybody! This time, we haven't waited an year to tell you about our progresses on Yorg ! We have made a very big step on our (we hope) long way with Yorg: we have implemented artificial intelligence ! At the moment, it is a very basic one: the algorithm is just a simply lookahead that checks the ground and the curve angle to set spe...

Yorg's progresses

Yorg's progresses Hello everybody!

Some months have passed by, and I am here again to inform you about our progresses on Yorg ...

During these months we have made a lot of things: two tracks , different cars , a better camera management, we have a basic AI and a multiplayer system in an early development phase... is scaring and exciting at the same time to say that we...

Our next project: Yorg

Our next project: Yorg Hello everybody!

I'm coming back to you after a (long) while...

As some of you may have seen, Plith is now a complete game and is giving me some satisfactions. I was so happy of this first experiment, that I decided to start with a new one - Yorg - a Panda3D racing game.

The project is going quite well, and I think that a playable demo will be availa...

Plith's demo

Plith's demo Hi! I am working hard on our upcoming game! I have collected several suggestions, and have inserted them into the game. Mainly, I have done several improvements on the HUD. Moreover, a lot of bugs have been fixed.

The demo is available for Windows, OSX and...

Plith's gameplay video

Hi, we are working hard on our game! We have made several progress, but we still have to do some refinements and tests. In the meantime, we would like to show you some gameplay from our game. We hope you will like it!

Hello world

Hello world Hi, this is my first blog post here! We will talk about our progress here!

I would like to introduce our first game, its name is Plith, it is a puzzle game for Windows, OSX and Linux. It is being developed with Panda3D. We are in a pretty advanced phase of development, I hope to release a demo soon. We...