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Start of SpaceBeam : Inspiration & ideas

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Start of SpaceBeam : Inspiration & ideas I think I'll start a game. A 2d game. About space, ships, building your own ships & stations. Exploring unknown areas. Would like to have it asynchronous multiplayer.

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Start with a small ship. Mine asteroids. Get resources. Transport. Build bigger ships. Fight with other ships. Harvest parts. Optimize your ship power supplies, weapons, thrusters, shields. Find light speed engines & move to other parts of the galaxy. Build your own base, setup defenses. Resist to alien waves. Have the best base. Test you base against real players. Go to fight other player bases. Be a hero.

Possible scenario
You have a small mining ship and work as mining asteroids. Sometimes, you get stuff, from old ships crashed on asteroids. One day, you find a transmitter, transmitting signal from what seems a big alien ship. You start looking for this ship...


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Apr 08 2012 05:14 PM
Sounds like a fun concept. I am a big fan of the old 2D space games like Star Control - which really has yet to be reproduced. I'd love to see new inovations in this field.

My only worry is that multiplayer can change (and potentially make 'not fun') everything. Will their be a single-player side to this?
Apr 08 2012 05:21 PM
Don't worry. The gamre will remain "single player themed".

Multiplayer will be "asynchronous". You'll build your space station, with turrets, shields, and so on. Then other players can come and try to defeat your station, using their ship. This is asynchronous, you can be sleepting at the moment of the attack. evey opponent attacks its own "instance". (of course your station is not really destroyed, just rankings/points/money are updated).
Apr 08 2012 05:32 PM
Ah, very nice. I have been designing similar things in my mmo - multiplayer systems that have a friendly competitive spirit to them. If you win, great! If you lose, no reason to throw your controller out of frustration at the losses - just learn from it and reconsider your strategy for the next time.

I'll have to stay tuned to this...

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