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SpaceBeam : With trails, you can feel projectiles !

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SpaceBeam : With trails, you can feel projectiles ! Added two different weapons : Bullets and missiles.
Bullets are short-range, high-speed. Missiles are slower, longer range, and can be "controlled" with the ship direction.
Added some particle emitters for thrusters, bullets and missiles, that give a trail feeling.

The video shows a combat between my small ship and 3 generated ennemy ships.


Next steps ? Hud & Objectives

May 08 2012 06:38 AM
This is getting seriously cool now, great job :)
May 08 2012 10:52 AM
Agree with Aardvajk - this is seriously starting to look cool. Great work.
May 11 2012 07:09 AM
I want to play this it looks ace!
May 11 2012 10:48 AM
Thank you; Hope I'll have some more time to work on this !
Even it's not for today, I'll tell you when there will be playable builds.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to share here if you have some ideas :)

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