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Tdawg30's Journal

4: Adsense


Hey all,

So progress on my concept prototype continues. I'm currently using XNA to quickly pump something out as I feel comfortable using it, however since it seems that XNA is dying out, I'll probably switch to something else like SharpDX or Mono Game once I've ironed out my idea.

So what is my idea? I can't think of any game that is...

Been a while...

Jeeze school work sneaks up on you. I feel so rusty and out of the loop, its not a good feeling. Anyway, I'm currently underway in my 4th year in Computer Science at university and that is eating up the bulk of my time. The other week however I got an idea for a game, A slight twist on a turn based game that I want to try out.

Usually this is where I...

Couple Things I've Learned

I just completed my research project my professor had given me to work on. I am very happy that it is finally done, and I feel I have learned quite a bit from the experience. This was the first project I had done that was outside of standard school assignments or for my own interest so I am proud to get that under my belt. I think I leveled up....


I don't know about you, but I am not much of a creative person.

I think it is a contributing reason why I struggle with personal projects as I have trouble coming up with ideas for games. Just now however I have been inspired, or at least have the start of something that I find very interesting. I went to Google, and the 'doodle' for the day...

PDF secret sharing

Finally exams are done and I have (barely) survived!

Even though classes are over for me, I am continuing to work on a project for one of my professors, who has an interest in data security/privacy. What the work is, is to attempt to create a program that can encrypt and decrypt pdf files using Shamir's Secret Sharing effectivly and...

First Entry! Good book suggestions?

Hey all!

This is my first entry ever! woo hoo.

Anyway...The point of this journey is a way for me to stay on track in my journey to learn the C++ language (quite the challenge I know!) over the course of summer now that my exams are almost over.

So why C++ you ask? Well in highschool we were taught it breifly, but then we switched over to C#...