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First Entry! Good book suggestions?

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Hey all!

This is my first entry ever! woo hoo.

Anyway...The point of this journey is a way for me to stay on track in my journey to learn the C++ language (quite the challenge I know!) over the course of summer now that my exams are almost over.

So why C++ you ask? Well in highschool we were taught it breifly, but then we switched over to C# which I grew to love and it is now my favourite language to program in. In university we are taught java, which is fine, but I really want to learn a 'native' language as well as managed, because you never know! Also all this talk about the C++ renaissance has perked my interest in the language. When looking up videos on C++11 though, they talk a lot about things that are changing in C++ and I havn't the slightest clue what they are talking about as it is way to advanced for me currently.

So the game plan is this: Learn C++, Learn 'new' C++ techiques, Learn DirectX, Make games and become rich. I realise this is alot for roughly 5 months of summer before classes begin again so HOPEFULLY, I'll at least have a solid grasp on C++11 before school in the fall.

The books I plan to read through are the following:
Begining C++ through game programming
Thinking in C++ Vol1, 2 (Seems to touch on slightly more advanced concepts like templates, more STL, etc)
Exceptional C++

If anyone has any suggestions for other books that they have used in the past that were helpful let me know! You can never have to many programming books I say!

So long for now! :)

Apr 16 2012 02:26 AM
My suggestion is to read the first book and start coding, theres probably enought there that gets you going really well.
In addition: Find a book on C++ STL, then 2d|3d game programming and design patterns. After that you can read all the advanced C++ books you wish. Posted Image

Programming is not about knowing it all, its more about having the ability to find what you are looking for.
Apr 16 2012 11:52 AM
Thanks HNikolas, that is great advice.

After finishing up this first book I'll look into making a 'simple' text based game to reinforce what I learned and hopefully get used to this pointer and reference business :P

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