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Gunthera's Journal

4: Adsense

Game released and the future

So this week I released Demolition Dan on Google play. If people end up buying it and want more levels I'll create more and patch them in.
I have the habit of getting demotivated near the end of projects that's why I went ahead and finished up Demolition Dan.

Things that could of gone better
Planning Planning Planning, more Planning! Making a more deta...

Demolition Dan: Need some Testers

Hey guys (and gals), this week I'm going to be needing some feed back from anyone interested in testing Demolition Dan .
If you don't know what Demolition Dan is then I will attempt to explain it.

It is a 2D Controlled demolition game, where the goal is to knock a building down below a threshold using a limited number of explosives.
Demolition Dan is...

Demolition Dan: Sounds and adding Levels!

These past couple of days have been focused around making sound effects for Demolition Dan , I've decided I would use non 8-bit sounds in this game. Also I've been working on making levels and it's shown to be fairly easy, I can design about 10 levels in an hour. I may decide on using 8-bit sounds if people think that it would be better than 'normal' soun...

Demolition Game: Art..

So for the last couple of days I've been working on the Demolition Game, and I'm at the point where i'm focusing on the main menu screen and the level select screen art. One thing I can say is I cant stand making art for level select screens and main menus, I never am satisfied with what it looks like.Main Menu http://25.media.tumblr.com/94e7d357a2a0e1e17...

Demolition Game Idea

Things I've Learnt   Since Element Rush I've learnt a couple things and added it to my mental book of "What not to do when making games".And one of the things that I noticed is, planning! planning! planning! It is such a integral part to making games, at least for me it is. It helps me avoid several things, derailing the original game idea, getting stress...

Element Rush [Playable]

Hey guys, for the past two to three weeks I've been working on a little game called Element Rush.http://s10.postimg.org/g3ioflazd/title.png It's the first game that I've made with phones in mind so it's an Android game.I wanted the game to be relatively simple but based around one mechanic, basically the player dies in one hit...But.. The player has a man...

Finally here.

Well I was contacted by a website looking to sell indie games and they wanted Archer Alec in their store.So now it's there.When I first started Archer Alec I knew next to nothing about how to make a game. And I still have a whole lot to learn about game design.Archer Alec has changed since the first version back in May of 2012, going from randomly generat...

Archer Alec - Town Hub/ Other Changes

Lately I've been transitioning into my new Job(Why Archer Alec has been a little stagnated here), while squeezing in time to work on Archer Alec  on the side.The Job is ok it pays good enough to start saving to afford a car eventually, and help pay for my girlfriends tuition (partially). But enough with the boring stuff lets talk about Archer Alec. Overvi...

Archer Alec - Kickstarter 30 Days

The Kickstarter for Archer Alec is now Live Archer Alec Kickstarter Link ->  Here Well I've been hard at work preparing this.I go over where the money is going on the page and in the video but ill summarize it here for you!-Code-Art-Paying for all the Music-Website HostingThe goal is 5,000 I think we can make it happen.Currently every backer gets a sp...

Archer Alec - Demo

This week I've fixed a lot of things and changed a couple of core components about Archer Alec that I think will be for the better.Changes:- Bow power up purchase from Shop- Trap counter/ Max traps (There is now a max number of traps you can have on a given level)- Wave Timers- Slight Level Select Rework- Online Highscore- Increased doors Health points- M...