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Gunthera's Journal

Archer Alec - Demo

Posted by , 29 December 2012 - - - - - - · 1,102 views

This week I've fixed a lot of things and changed a couple of core components about Archer Alec that I think will be for the better.

- Bow power up purchase from Shop
- Trap counter/ Max traps (There is now a max number of traps you can have on a given level)
- Wave Timers
- Slight Level Select Rework
- Online Highscore
- Increased doors Health points
- Monster cave, so monsters dont spawn out of thin air.

Now the one big change I made was Archer Alec works a bit differently.
There will still be biomes but there will be only one level for each biome.

Each level will have a preset # of waves that need to be completed to unlock the next biome and next level.
After those initial waves are gone the player can continue to play to try to get a highscore.
Or move on to a new area.

This way Archer Alec has more of a survival/arcadish feel to the game.

The shop works a little differently too now, every purchase increases the cost of the item by 33%.
The reasoning behind this is as the waves continue the 'difficulty' becomes harder and makes more monsters in the wave so the player also gets more gold because gold is dropped by the monsters.

Posted Image

And I need your guys help on this one, I'm not sure what to do. I could try to get on Kickstarter, Or I could work on the game more get all the biomes done. I just don't know if people would be willing to spend 2-3$ On a game like this(the finished game of course).
So I guess my options are...
1. Get on Kickstarter

2. Get more of the game finished.

I will be doing #2 regardless its just Kickstarter would be a way for me to see if people actually wanted to play this/pay for it. Im just unsure about Kickstarter as I am a one man team, pretty much other than Philip (he makes all the music) ,and this would be a way for me to break into the gaming industry. Im just super nervous about it :/

Oh and here is a link to the download make sure to extract the files!

Thanks for reading everyone, feed back is always appreciated.

Archer Alec - Filthy Peasants!

Posted by , 21 December 2012 - - - - - - · 671 views

This week I've been working on a grading system in Archer Alec.
The grading system works like this:

At the beginning of a round all the peasants in a level are counted.
Then at the end all are counted for again and depending on the number that survived will determine your grade and if you pass the level.
If less than half survive you have to redo the level.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Peasants cannot defend their selves that's what you are for!

Also Im getting a demo version ready which will consist of the forest levels, and starting to work on a video for kickstarter.
Lots of polishing, and bug fixing next week.

Thanks for reading

Archer Alec - A tiny problem

Posted by , 09 December 2012 - - - - - - · 723 views

Hey guys, this week I've worked on the two monsters the Troll Earth Mage
and the Troll Rock Thrower.
I made a video showing what they look like and what they do.
It has a little bit of a jitter in the video something happened while rendering.

Im getting a demo ready, so that people can play it, Im going to try to get the demo to people like Total Biscuit and try to get in on his "Wtf is"
series. But before I send it off to anyone Im going to be polishing it this upcoming week.
One of the problems with the game is there needs to be more of a incentive to stay within the castle or near it.

So far my solution is this.
The amount of monsters is going to be lower.
The HP/Attack power of the monsters is going to be higher.
Traps will be cheaper to purchase but there will be a number of how many traps you can have on the level at one time.

Also I need opinions on this.
Should the player be able to shoot and move at the same time, or should it stay the same(takes about 1.5 seconds to shoot an arrow).

Once the demo is polished i'm going to take a leap and go to Kick Starter
Hopefully this will all go well and I can finish Archer Alec Sometime in early January.

Oh and Indie Of the year is being voted for on IndieDB, If we got Archer Alec in the top 100 that would really help.

Thanks for reading guys, and as always feed back is appreciated Posted Image

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