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Gunthera's Journal

Archer Alec - Filthy Peasants!

Posted by , 21 December 2012 - - - - - - · 671 views

This week I've been working on a grading system in Archer Alec.
The grading system works like this:

At the beginning of a round all the peasants in a level are counted.
Then at the end all are counted for again and depending on the number that survived will determine your grade and if you pass the level.
If less than half survive you have to redo the level.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Peasants cannot defend their selves that's what you are for!

Also Im getting a demo version ready which will consist of the forest levels, and starting to work on a video for kickstarter.
Lots of polishing, and bug fixing next week.

Thanks for reading

Archer Alec - A tiny problem

Posted by , 09 December 2012 - - - - - - · 723 views

Hey guys, this week I've worked on the two monsters the Troll Earth Mage
and the Troll Rock Thrower.
I made a video showing what they look like and what they do.
It has a little bit of a jitter in the video something happened while rendering.

Im getting a demo ready, so that people can play it, Im going to try to get the demo to people like Total Biscuit and try to get in on his "Wtf is"
series. But before I send it off to anyone Im going to be polishing it this upcoming week.
One of the problems with the game is there needs to be more of a incentive to stay within the castle or near it.

So far my solution is this.
The amount of monsters is going to be lower.
The HP/Attack power of the monsters is going to be higher.
Traps will be cheaper to purchase but there will be a number of how many traps you can have on the level at one time.

Also I need opinions on this.
Should the player be able to shoot and move at the same time, or should it stay the same(takes about 1.5 seconds to shoot an arrow).

Once the demo is polished i'm going to take a leap and go to Kick Starter
Hopefully this will all go well and I can finish Archer Alec Sometime in early January.

Oh and Indie Of the year is being voted for on IndieDB, If we got Archer Alec in the top 100 that would really help.

Thanks for reading guys, and as always feed back is appreciated Posted Image

Archer Alec - Dev Vlogs

Posted by , 30 November 2012 - - - - - - · 886 views

I've got a few updates this week. First off the two traps for the swamp biome are now finished.

Vine Trap: Entangles monsters that walk into it and holds them for 4-6 seconds dealing damage to them. And will dissappear after the 5th monster it traps.

Bog Trap: This trap will be a tar pool and when small monsters walk over it they will sink into it and die. After a certain amount of monsters it will harden and turn into dirt/rock.

I've also started on working on the mountain biome and a couple of its monsters.
The first monster I worked on was the Troll Rock Thrower mob.

The troll rock thrower will be able to throw rocks/boulders that will do siege damage.
Also the rocks he throws will bounce 1-3 times before breaking.
Posted Image

The next monster I've been working on is the Troll Earth Mage.
The troll earth mage will cast a rock fall above the player causing rocks to fall from the sky doing siege damage as well as hurting the player.
Posted Image

Also I've started vlogging on youtube to help keep myself motivated Posted Image


Oh! And on Indie DB there is a vote for Indie of the Year and getting in the top 100 would give Archer Alec good publicity.

Archer Alec - Swamp Update

Posted by , 09 November 2012 - - - - - - · 1,048 views

Hey guys got a lot of work done in the past week, will be adding music once I get a new build of the game to Philip (he does the music).

Swamp Biome
-Goblin Tar Thrower
This monster throws tar, when the tar hits a block it will stick to it similar to how traps work. Tar slows the player limiting movement.

-Goblin Torch Thrower
This monster throws torches, if a torch hits a player it burns them dealing 1-3 Damage.
When a torch hits tar it will ignite it, if the player walks through the flaming tar he will be slowed and take damage.

-Troll Smasher
This monster is similar to the catapult in that it does massive damage to structures.
Slow moving and slow attacking, this monster has a lot of health and will stop at nothing to get to the player.
Other than its inability to climb ladders.

Goblin Tar Thrower
Posted Image

Goblin Torch Thrower
Posted Image

Troll Smasher
Posted Image

Also here is the level select screen.
Posted Image

I have yet to add new traps into this biome, I want to add 2-3 Different traps to this biome.
So if you have any suggestions/trap ideas you can leave them in the comment section and I will take a look!

Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated!.

One last thing-

This is the guy that does my music http://pdcarman.wix.com/orangecapsule#!home/mainPage

And this is Archer Alec on IndieDB http://www.indiedb.com/games/archer-alec

Archer Alec - Forest Levels

Posted by , 03 November 2012 - - - - - - · 935 views

Hey guys I've been working on the swamp biome for the past couple of days but I went back and made a download for the the first 4 Levels of the game.
I haven't added in a controls menu so:
RightClick: Shoot
LeftClick: Place Trap / Buy Trap
SpaceBar: Open/Close doors.
MouseWheel: Scroll through trap bar.


Thanks, feedback/suggestions are always appreciated.

Full Time Indie

Posted by , 30 October 2012 - - - - - - · 1,243 views

Hey everyone, this isn't really an update on Archer Alec, more of an update on.. myself!

I'm now going to be working full time on Archer Alec.

I'm announcing this because Lately I've had a lack of motivation and have been procrastinating and just sitting around accomplishing nothing.
To help me transition into a 'Full Time Indie' im going to be doing several things.
-New dedicated work area (another room in the house)
-A laptop to work on the game, only having the development tools on the computer to avoid any distractions
-An actual schedule for working
-'Work days'(Monday-Friday) 'Break days'(Sat=Sun)

Removing all of the distractions and putting my self in a somewhat new environment will hopefully allow me to work more productively.
Along with all these changes, expect to see bigger updates.

Thank you guys a lot, it might not seem like a lot but all the comments/criticizing helps me a ton.
It helps me stay focused and motivated.

Will be coming out with another update in a couple days if all goes as planned!

Archer Alec - Swamp Biome

Posted by , 25 October 2012 - - - - - - · 786 views

Lately I've been working on the Swamp Biome, the second area the player will go once done with the Forest Biome.
New Monsters for this area will probably be.

Goblin Archer
Goblin FireThrower

Posted Image

Im still working on it but the general concept for the swamp biome is there.

And if you havent yet you can check out archer alec on indieDB!

Thanks for reading will be bringing more updates next week once I get in contact with the guy doing the music!
Also any suggestions/feedback is appreciated.

Archer Alec - Arrow Trap/Music/Alpha Testing

Posted by , 13 October 2012 - - - - - - · 1,006 views

- New Arrow Trap (wall)
- Forest Music
- Main Menu Music
- GameOver Music
- Level Select Music
- Eight new Levels
- Music will be on the Archer Alec page on IndieDB (http://www.indiedb.c...mes/archer-alec)

(email Habituegames@gmail.com or PM me for more information)

Arrow Trap (wall)
The arrow trap can be placed on walls.
It shoots out arrows that do roughly the same amount of damage that the player does.
It has a cooldown rate of anywhere between 2-5 seconds.

Posted Image

Also a picture of it in game.
Here are three arrow traps on the wall.

Posted Image

Oh and if you havent checked us out on IndieDB!

Thank you for reading, Feed back is always appreciated!

Archer Alec - Music/New Monster/IndieDB

Posted by , 28 September 2012 - - - - - - · 951 views

These past few days has been focusing on music, and designing new traps and balancing said new traps.

The new trap is not in this video, but this video does show the new monster, Goblin Spear Jabber
And has music!


We are planning to go into 'Alpha' once we get some more work done on the game.

Also check out our page on Desura (that is where we will be selling this once its ready)
Desura is also where I archive a lot of the games Art and videos!

Thanks for reading!
As always feedback is greatly appreciated!

Archer Alec - Some updates!

Posted by , 21 September 2012 - - - - - - · 800 views

It's been awhile since I made a post here, i've been working on the game a lot lately and haven't had much time to give you guys an update.
So far whats been done since the last post.
-NEW MONSTER! Goblin SpearJabber
-Numerous bug fixing.

Posted Image
Posted Image

And a demonstration of the traps!

I've updated my website some as well. And I got accepted onto IndieDB!
While working on the game I noticed a distinct lack of music so, I found someone that will be doing all the music for Archer Alec
and we are very excited.

Hopefully we will be trying to get the game to a point where we can have people test it in the upcoming weeks.


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