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Gunthera's Journal

Archer Alec - Many Sprites

Posted by , 09 August 2012 - - - - - - · 980 views

World Map/ Level Select Screen

This past week I've been working on all of the sprites for the world map screen.
The world map is where the player will select the level they will go to, similar to a super mario style of map.
Posted Image

And these are some pictures of the sprites for the world map.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

And some in game footage *Note I have not added the GUI yet.

Posted Image

Well that's all that I've done for this week, will be working on the GUI for this over the weekend.
Thanks for reading, feedback is appreciated as always!

ArcherAlec - Catapults!

Posted by , 30 July 2012 - - - - - - · 888 views


This past week i've been working on the Goblin Catapult "monster".

Goblin Catapult:

Posted Image

These catapults are equipped with highly trained goblins, allowing them to throw rocks at maximum efficiency.

Here is a video showing them in action and what they do to castles.


Thanks for reading feedback is appreciated!

ArcherAlec - Goblins and Fire

Posted by , 24 July 2012 - - - - - - · 914 views

This past week i've been implementing a new animation engine, along with better arrow physics and everything is now based on a 8x8 grid.
The castle is now destructible and I've added two new monsters.
Goblin Looter -
Attack Damage: Low
Health: Low
Speed: Low

Special: Loots the castle's chest and causes the player to get a lower end score on the level, so make sure these are dead!

Goblin FireMage -
Attack Damage: Medium
Health: Medium
Speed: Low

Special: Casts Fireballs that can damage the player as well as the castle and all other structures.

The player now has a cast time when shooting the bow along with an animation for it.
GoblinLooters take about 3 seconds to take gold from the chest than proceed to take it back to their base.

Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 14: Lights, Skeletons, and Barricades!

Posted by , 13 July 2012 - - - - - - · 944 views

This week, I smoothed out the lighting system, made a new monster and I've made the Gui
which holds the XpBar HpBar AP(Attribute points) and the 4 attributes.

Also I've added a Archer Skeleton and Barricades!

Posted Image

And The Skeleton Archer
Posted Image

Thanks for reading will be bringing more updates next week.
Feedback is appreciated!

Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 13: Experience and Levels & Guis

Posted by , 04 July 2012 - - - - - - · 751 views

No pictures todays but, what I have been working on is a experience and leveling system.
You gain experience by killing monsters, when you level you will be awarded one "point"
Points will be used in a attribute system.

Your attributes will be
AttackPower: How much damage you do.
AttackSpeed: How fast you can charge your bow.
MoveSpeed: How fast you move.
Health: How much health you have.


The gui will probably be in the bottom of the screen and consist of the 4 attributes, with the crystal/chest(main monster goal) health in the center
Along with a long experience bar at the bottom, and the player health above that.

Archer Alec has changed dramatically since the beginning of this devlog, most game mechanics such as the random generation where thrown out the window, along with the biome system, biomes may return but everything will be hand made by me.

Archer Alec will be Castle Defence game essentially

Thank you for reading, thank you for even viewing this as it encourages me to continue to develop this game!
As always feedback is greatly appreciated

Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 12: Day/Night Lighting

Posted by , 29 June 2012 - - - - - - · 839 views

Today I got some work done, worked on the first monster, skeletal swordsman.
He can Break through doors, hurt the player, and damage/loot the chest

Got a fairly good working day/night system along with some mediocre lighting effects via torches

Posted Image

And DayTime atop the castle
Posted Image

Archer Alec - Massive ReDesign

Posted by , 27 June 2012 - - - - - - · 589 views

In its current state Archer Alec's Goals are undefined, other than kills monsters go to next level, rinse and repeat.
So I am going to be redesigning Archer Alec, and implementing a new physics engine I've been working on, which includes perfect collisions and ladder climbing.
The main character will still be the green hooded Archer Alec just a different setting.
I don't want to give too much away but there will be castles involved!

Thanks for reading will be bringing an update soon, and will hopefully have my website up and running soon enough.

Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 11: Tutorials!

Posted by , 03 June 2012 - - - - - - · 1,019 views
Archer, Alec, Indie, Game, Design and 1 more...
So this weekend I worked on the tutorials in Archer Alec.
I didnt want to go with text, and I really didnt want to have a voice talk to you. So I went with this method instead.
I will be adding on to the tutorial later do explain other aspects of the game. Upgrades, proceeding to the next level etc.
Thanks for reading Posted Image
Feedback is appreciated!

Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 10: Closed Alpha

Posted by , 31 May 2012 - - - - - - · 695 views

Im going to be launching a closed alpha of the game for people to play and report any bugs they find.
If you would like to participate leave your email in the comment section or you can pm me and I will send you a download link for the game.

To report a bug just send me an email with what the bug was and I will get to work!
Also if you want you can tell me what you find fun about the game/what you don't find fun, and any suggestions are appreciated!

Contact Info: habituegames@gmail.com

Posted Image

Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 9: Alpha Funding Too Early?

Posted by , 30 May 2012 - - - - - - · 699 views

Hello, havent worked on the game too much this week (Final exam week)
I've contacted Desura and 8 bit Funding, to learn more about Alpha Funding and how I could go about doing it.
It would be something simple * Donate 3-5 USD Is a cheap preorder * But im not sure on how I would actually distribute it, would Desura do it for me? I don't know but hopefully I will in a couple of days.

What I have done on the game though, mainly bugfixing and cleaning up code.
I can either add another biome with all the new monsters and a boss
or I can add more arrow types.

Well thanks for reading
Feed back is always appreciated!

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