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Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 8 Updates!

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Hi! Havent made any new entrys lately, but I have been working on the two new bosses a new arrow type and sounds and music/boss music!

The bosses took some time because I wanted them to represent the biomes but also be unique at the same time.

Meet "Cactun" The desert boss. This boss moves slowly and periodically pelts the terrain with needles

Posted Image

Here is the swamp boss (no name as of yet) This boss has 3 phases First phase it moves slowly and spawns tiny mosquitos that have 1hp and will fly after the player. Once he is destroyed he will split into two smaller mosquitos that move rapidly and fire water bolts at the player. Then when those are killed they split into 2 smaller mosquitos so a total of 4. Once those are killed the encounter is over!

Posted Image

In the previous image you can see the new arrow which is Frost.
Frost arrows slow targets down to a base speed of 1 (Passive boar speed)
And stop the target periodically and has a 1/10 chance of freezing the target solid!

And Here is a youtube video to see the game in motion

Thanks for all the feedback and more is appreciated

I will be trying to go into "Alpha" soon

May 27 2012 04:15 AM
Very cool.. that's one scary boss.. with the entrance sound too xD
May 27 2012 07:28 AM
Yeah I actually think I will tweak the sound because its pretty loud as is

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