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Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 9: Alpha Funding Too Early?

4: Adsense

Hello, havent worked on the game too much this week (Final exam week)
I've contacted Desura and 8 bit Funding, to learn more about Alpha Funding and how I could go about doing it.
It would be something simple * Donate 3-5 USD Is a cheap preorder * But im not sure on how I would actually distribute it, would Desura do it for me? I don't know but hopefully I will in a couple of days.

What I have done on the game though, mainly bugfixing and cleaning up code.
I can either add another biome with all the new monsters and a boss
or I can add more arrow types.

Well thanks for reading
Feed back is always appreciated!

May 30 2012 11:15 PM
Well, being in a similar situation, I'm unsure too. The biggest issue of an indie developer is the awareness of the game. Plattforms like desura or steam can help you. I think, that desura want to be like steam, but at the moment steam is the most popular download portal around.
You should consider the following:
- Do I really need that money to push the project ? (pushing the project, not making your live easier = bigger TV :-) )
- Will it increase my popularity ?
- Just paying 1$ will hold back lot of people to try out your game, therefore an too early alpha funding could damp the overall popularity.
- Using desura, will I lost the option to use steam once I've completed the game ?
- How much money will be left from 5$ (Tax ? Desura ? ) ?
- How many copies I need to sell before it is worthwhile ?

I don't know the answer, at the moment I try to push my awareness by delivering a game out of passion, which I want to play myself, not to make money with it (currently it is a money sink...).
May 31 2012 03:49 AM
Yeah I see what you mean, I might have a closed alpha soon for bug testing and such.
May 31 2012 12:49 PM
I would be interested in how you fare with this. I never heard of Desura, thanks for the mention. Do you know how much the developer receives from the sales revenue at Desura?

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