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Element Rush [Playable]

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Hey guys, for the past two to three weeks I've been working on a little game called Element Rush.
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It's the first game that I've made with phones in mind so it's an Android game.
I wanted the game to be relatively simple but based around one mechanic, basically the player dies in one hit...But.. The player has a mana shield which is also the mana you use to cast spells. So, if the player isn't too careful they may run out of mana and not be able to cast a strong enough spell to kill the enemy.

This is the main character of the game.
A simple wizard/mage equipped with a old staff.
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As of now the game is 'finished' but I will probably take in peoples suggestions and tweak the game and re-upload it!
Element Rush is currently free, I don't think I will charge for it but I might if I expand upon it.

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You can get the game here -> Element Rush

I already have plans for the next game, I think it will be for PC/Mac/ And maybe linux.
Thanks for reading guys and I'll try to start making journals more frequently and with a little more substance!
Feed back is appreciated!

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