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Demolition Game Idea

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Things I've Learnt
Since Element Rush I've learnt a couple things and added it to my mental book of "What not to do when making games".
And one of the things that I noticed is, planning! planning! planning! It is such a integral part to making games, at least for me it is.
It helps me avoid several things, derailing the original game idea, getting stressed from lack of clarity, and simply just losing the momentum that I started the project with!

So, with a fresh start I will be able to try to start off right, learn from my mistakes that I will make during this development process and further refine myself.

New Game! (Demolition Game)
The Demolition Game will be made for android, and PC. If it works in HTML5 that is just a bonus but if it doesn't then... I won't worry about it.
The game will take place in a city and you will see a cross section of a building, with various supports, and the goal of the game is to place the explosives and try to raise the building to the ground.

Screens within the game!
Posted Image
So we have 5 screens here that the player will be able to see.
  • Main Menu
  • Level Select
  • Game Room (Will be multiples of these due to different levels)
  • Tutorial
  • Credits

Main Menu
The main menu will include the title, along with the play button, the credits button, and the tutorial button.
Each button will take you to different screens.

Level Select
The Level Select will have all of the different levels in the game, when you start up the game for the first time, all levels will be locked except for level 1.

Game Room
This will include the GUI, and the level.

Just a simple tutorial on how the game works along with the controls.


This is a rough draft of what a early level would look like.

Posted Image

Since this is being made for Android, the game will be able to played with just touch screen.
The play will click a explosive to choose from in his action bar, then drag it to the desired location, then place it inside the or around the building.
Once the player is satisfied he will be able to blow up all the explosives at once by pressing the red button at the top of the screen. (The button may be placed into the Gui at some point.

Depending on how much of the building is on the ground the player will receive a grade on it, A,B,C,F. You will need to get a C or higher to unlock the next level. Also you get coins which you will be able to use to buy new explosives with.

Thanks for reading.
I'm trying to make posts with more content in them, I will be bringing another update later in the week with some actual ingame footage!

May 20 2013 04:43 PM
Controlled demolition as a game concept. Sounds refreshing. I like it.
May 21 2013 05:28 PM

Controlled demolition as a game concept. Sounds refreshing. I like it.

Thanks! Working on the mechanics of it now... how explosions will work... different building types... etc 

May 24 2013 08:55 PM

You inspired me to finally post and comment on my own design sketches over in my Journal :) Good stuff

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