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Game released and the future

4: Adsense

So this week I released Demolition Dan on Google play. If people end up buying it and want more levels I'll create more and patch them in.
I have the habit of getting demotivated near the end of projects that's why I went ahead and finished up Demolition Dan.

Things that could of gone better
Planning Planning Planning, more Planning! Making a more detailed outline and the scope of the project.
Also for the past couple of projects I've been working on I've used the same code multiple times but I rewrote it every time.
So from now on i'm going to save the code to prevent me from having to rewrite the same thing over and over.
A clear plan on monetization would have helped as well, in the beginning I had an idea of a cash shop but then it turned into just a one time payment of $0.99.

And here is a link to the Google play page if you are interested.
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The future for Gunthera
Well I have a couple game ideas floating around in my head and I think Im going to make something of a "Reverse Rogue-like" if that makes any sense. It will be made for windows.
Im going to take what I learnt from Demolition Dan and apply to this new project.

Also a question for anyone reading, do you think I should stick with the pixel art and try to get better at it, or move away from pixel art?

Jul 05 2013 10:35 PM

Congratulations on basically finishing a project. 


May you finish better and better ones in the future.




Jul 07 2013 08:48 PM

why the name change?

Jul 07 2013 09:12 PM

why the name change?

Well Gunthera has been my online name for a very long time just not in the game dev community. So I figured I might as well change it sooner rather than later. Plus a name sounds better than "habituegames" I think it sounds odd to refer to someone like that I think. 

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