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Methods of A Madman

4: Adsense

Madness #4 How To Alienate Idiots And Create Friends

Get Some Friends And Lose The Idiots!!!

There comes a time in every game developers life where they lose the idiots and save their friends. Idiots are people who seem to come and...

Madness #3 How To Create Controlled Hype

To Control Your Hype Levels!!

There seems to be a major spoiler alert coming for some individuals. Most would say WTF you suck go die because you don't depend on your 2 customers that would buy your video game to...

Madness #2 How YouTube Changed Your Life

YouTube Saved Your Life! (And Games!!!)

This is the bread and butter part that everyone is waiting for. I will reveal how to make your game trailers go viral, and how to optimize your searches on...

Madness #1 Your Game Can't Market Itself

The Indie Game Developer Is Disillusioned!

Can it really be true? Can indies be living in a dream world designed on fantasy rather than reality? The answer is YES, and I will go on to define why! Indies believe that their games can market themselves or that small non...