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Posted by , 31 October 2016 - - - - - - · 1,070 views

1 - So I need a little guy walking around


Posted Image


2 - What about giving him some shape?

Posted Image


3 - Maybe making the world around him a little more colorful
Posted Image

Dropping SQLite for JSON serialization

Posted by , 07 April 2016 - - - - - - · 770 views

After a long time of thinking about this, I finally decided to drop SQLite as the main database for my Action RPG engine. After a couple years of work on this project, I realized I couldn't work anymore with databases unless I had a good ORM to back it up. And honestly, it didn't seem worth the effort.


By using JSON serialization to handle the game project save data and configurations, we can now have a much cleaner data structure, that will also allow for easier customization in the future.


Since one of my main intentions with this engine is to work with local schools by offering game developing classes to kids, I think that this stuff should be as simple as it can get.


So JSON it is.

Investing too much time in things of the past

Posted by , 07 March 2016 - - - - - - · 808 views

The creation of a small fan game with RPG Maker XP was one of the things that helped me the most in learning the basic concepts of programming just before I entered college. Actually, messing around with RPG Maker since around 2002 had a big impact, even considering I never finished any games.


Recently I posted about coming back to the biggest project I had back then:


An rpg based on the universe of Harry Potter, with some of my own characters, mixed timelines, my own little fan-fiction in a gamey-stuff suit.


I have to be honest with you, that project was my best friend for a long time.


Trying to understand how would people move around the castle and interact with things. Trying to add cool little dialogs and easter eggs, hidden stuff all over the place that nobody would ever find because, you know, I never actually understood the needs of the players.


Looking at the game now, in an effort to translate it from portuguese to english, made me aware of a lot of stuff that I didn't actually understand back then. Knowing that I should give more instructions to the player, to avoid having so many rough edges on everything.


Of course, when playing an indie game you expect to find things that are not completely polished, but there is a line, and when you create something that means a lot to you, that line moves around a lot. I would obssess over many things, recreate maps, rewrite dialogs, move things around, knowing that the result was not nearly good enough to match my expectations.


But I knew deep down that once I was done with translating, I should just let it go.


Honestly, I keep thinking to myself that if I let this one project from 10 years ago keep draining my energy (don't take me wrong, I love working on it) I won't make anything else. I won't try different themes, different styles.


So, when is it too much? When are you too invested in something from the past, and should focus on the future?

Translating an old game to English

Posted by , 14 February 2016 - - - - - - · 854 views

Hello guys,


I have been working on translating my first game project, started 10 years ago, to english.


I would really like to have you guys check it out, I have created a game jolt page for it, will link it below.


A post had already been made once talking about how this project had a huge influence on my progress as a programmer, and I can't even begin to describe the importance of working on rpgmaker projects as a teenager. This was certainly one of the most important steps I took in order to learn about the basics of coding.


Well, I would like you guys to see it, so please check below.




Posted Image

My Game Jolt GDC Jam entry

Posted by , 08 February 2016 - - - - - - · 811 views

I was on gjgdcjam this weekend, didn't really invest too much time on the game, but got a playable result at least.


Developed on XNA 4 using vs15, if you want to check it out the source code is available at:




The jam page for my game is:




Posted Image

Open sourcing my projects and blogging again

Posted by , 06 September 2015 - - - - - - · 815 views

Hello guys!

I'm slowly returning to writing small articles and doing small modifications to my projects, and as a first step I decided to start releasing stuff I create on github.

So the first piece of code I'll release will be the brazuca project I did in a small 48h marathon because of boredom, that ended up being a cute little pet project of mine. It's weird to realize now that this happened 2 years ago!


The Return of the Lord - Games by younger me

Posted by , 14 July 2014 - - - - - - · 1,032 views

Hey guys! I thought I would share this with you. This is a game I made with rpgmaker that lasted a while. I worked in this from 2005-2007, when I was 15-17.

The game is in Portuguese, pt-br, so that would be a little confusing for most of you, but I really want to share it.


Attached Image

Flickering overlapping objects - Common bug

Posted by , 21 June 2014 - - - - - - · 2,464 views

I have recently been playing Don't starve, and have come to find a common bug that happens in many 2d games. It's something a little hard to come by when test developing.

Sometimes, two objects that slightly overlap have a flickering effect. This happens because one object is being drawn in front of the other at a time.

The common cause for this is the sprite sorting behavior not having a fixed decision for when two objects have the same sorting variable.

Let's assume whats usual, that you are using your Y value, vertical position, as the means to sort what object is in the front. When two objects have the same Y value, you have to take a decisive action to make sure that every time the sorting is called, the same result will be wielded.

Assume that:
A.Position = { x:5, y = 10}
B.Position = { x.7, y = 10}
And your sorting method is:
function sort(obj a, obj b){
     return a.Y > b.Y;
The result of the sorting based on Y will basically be decided on what object you first passed into the function. This may cause flickering.

In this case, you have to setup a second decision variable. My recommendation is to simply, if both Y values are equal, use the X value to decide what object is drawn first. I may post an example showing the bug and the fix.

Getting back on Brazuca

Posted by , 04 January 2014 - - - - - - · 757 views

What's up guys. I have been working again on the little football (soccer) game I have developed on a marathon a while ago. I really like the game, and I have already posted it. I'm reworking graphics and will get back to fixing some gameplay stuff and adding more content to it.

You guys can get it via dropbox, here:

It requires .net framework 4 and xna 4, the installer is supposed to install them, if you dont have them. If this does not work, tell me please.


Brazuca, second release

Posted by , 19 July 2013 - - - - - - · 1,242 views

Heya guys, if you downloaded the small game I made on a 48h "marathon", I'm releasing a second version now. It has a little more stuff to it, it's still really small. I would really love to hear what you have to say about this current pet project.

You can download the current version here: http://www.mediafire.com/?fnej1nq4f3ub777
(Requires XNA and .net framework 4.0)

Attached Image

Open GL + .net version coming tomorrow if anyone cares about that, since there were more downloads of the opengl version.

Any game breaking bugs or weird stuff, suggestions, anything, just drop a message and I'll work on it asap.

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