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Map Editor update, small pathfinding fixes

Posted by , 06 June 2012 · 1,377 views

lotus xna rpg pathfinding astar enemies map editor
Hey there guys, here we are again for another small update.

One of the main issues I was having with characters moving around was that when there was an obstacle exactly in the middle of the way, the character would try to move around it, constantly turning to the other side, creating a shaky effect.

To fix that I added a delay between turns. When a character turns to a direction, there is a small delay before he can turn in another direction. This avoids the shaky effect, and also helps the character to get around obstacles, as he will keep trying to go on that direction for a little longer.

Another little feature added to the pathfinding was to have the MovementEngine recalculate the path when the character can't reach a given waypoint for more than a given amount of time. In this case, one second. Also, when adding an object to the map editor, it will now instantly mark that tile as impassable on the collision map, avoiding having to move around the object on the fly, the pathfinding will already avoid that impassable tile.

I'm sorry that the video doesn't have a good quality, I'm facing some lag issues when trying to capture the screen, the fps drops from 60~ to 15-25 and the capture itself freezes sometime. But here is the last video, hope you enjoy it.


Check out my blog on http://en.lotusrpg.com.br

Nice! What are you using to do the video capture?
Thanks, I have been using Camtasia Studio, but once the free trial expires I'm not sure what to do, since it's a good program but I dont find it user friendly enough, and its $299 so I'm not even considering buying it.
You might want to give fraps a look. I know a lot of people use it and, if it does what you need, it is substantially cheaper :)
Looks like its coming along nicely =) Are you planing on having both control schemes available (keyboard and mouse)?
Thanks! I'm currently working on NPC's and map events, hope to be able to post a new video soon.

About the controls, the goal is having a control scheme that involves mouse movement and keyboard interaction with the possibility of customization.
Nice, keep it up.

If you use windows you can use the windows media encoder, it works great for my purposes.
Will take a look at that Cryp7ik, thanks!

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