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College project almost finished

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The engine Lotus was originally a college project of mine. My final project, meant as my final test before graduation. Last night I finished writing the papers on the project and submitted them to my teacher, and hopefully won't have to change a lot of things to be able to present it and graduate!

This means I'll be free to translate to english the current engine test I'm making, which I called End'Gar, and to give you guys a download link to test it!

So let me talk a little about this project.

I started developing the Lotus engine in 2010, using XNA, to create an action rpg named Lotus. Lotus is my biggest pet project, and I have dedicated most of my time on the last 2 years to study the design and development of an engine suitable for an Action RPG.

Now I have a cool tool that can be used to create maps of variable sizes, based on tilesets, create NPC interactions through dialogs that can assign quests, simple map events like teleporting the player to other maps or creating quests, and creating very simple enemies.

There is currently no real AI. The enemies behave the same, basically. They will wander around until they see or hear you, and move on to attack you till death. My next move will be adding an utility based AI for the enemies, and LUA scripting for the NPCs, map events and player skills. The player skills are, as of now, hardcoded, because in the end I only needed a handful of them to be able to present my project.f

Everything is using placeholder art, of course, since this is just an engine test prototype.

Hopefully you guys will be able to see it soon enough, with everything translated to english and portuguese.

Oct 28 2012 08:38 PM
It takes a lot of skill and ability to complete such a task which so many fail to do. I admire your devotion to such a project!
Oct 28 2012 08:59 PM
Thanks a lot Rook, that really means a lot to me (:

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