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Animations and Changing Art Style

Posted by , 20 December 2012 · 924 views

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Game Art

Hey guys! We have been working with 3d artist William Hennes on the character animations and I'm here to show you guys some simple animations of the tribal hunter.

Posted Image Posted Image

But at the same time we decided to change the art style direction to something more cartoonish, to add some fun visual elements, because everything seemed a little closer to the realistic side.

Anyways, sharing some animations so you guys will get a feel of the quality of the work we're trying to put on this project, hope to be able to bring something new to you guys soon!


I would also like to hear about what are you guys interested in hearing about? Suggestions for posts, please!

Great concept on the tribal warriors, Arthur. The motion appears even and pleasant--without aberration. Too close to realism? and too much file space! William Hennes has given you master training. Good Luck.
Indeed I would have to reduce the number of keyframes to use that animation set, around 4mb per character animation! If a character has like 5 different animations, it'll end up being 20mb per character, talk about a big game! Hahahahaha, thanks for the feedback!
Awesome work buddy!!! You've got a great artist on your team.

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