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Making Boredom Useful - 48h mini game jam

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Hey guys, this is the kind of idea thats good to have on a friday night when you're not going out. I have decided to create a small game on the next 48 hours.

It will be a soccer simulator called Brazuca 2013, and I WILL release whatever is created after these 48 hours.

This is a small fun project, as I have been spending all my time on the development of Lotus, but the last couple of days have been of pure stress due to computer issues, so, to release this stress, and since I'm home for the weekend, nothing better than a game dev marathon!

I will be back soon to give you guys some updates. Wish me luck. Posted Image

Jul 06 2013 08:35 PM


Jul 06 2013 08:44 PM


Lmfao! Thanks, hahahaha.

Jul 06 2013 09:11 PM

I was giving what you wished for, thought that was a good idea. :)

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