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Brazuca Update

4: Adsense

I put a little more work today on the soccer simulator I'm working on this 48 hour period. I have not reached the 24h mark yet, and I will start to work on players now!

The first added player will be the goal keeper, and he will just react to kicks and try to get the ball away.

What I have so far:
Kick the ball, add force and a direction
Kick the ball (2) define exactly what part of the ball to hit
Ball kicked -> The ball will go up in the air, high or not so high, depending on where you kicked, will spin and get some effects on the air.
The ball may go above the goal, as I'm now considering height, which will also help with allowing oponents to head it away.

It still looks like crap, and that part I wont really worry about until its done. Just want to finish it. :P

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