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Brazuca Update 3

4: Adsense

SOOOO... I have a goalkeeper that will be just going after the ball like crazy when it is close enough, some players scattered around the field that don't do anything yet, and currently working on the game simulation!
The matches will last around 60 seconds. And the game will simulate what happens, when your team or the opposing team does something, and this will also decide when you have chances of trying to shoot or pass the ball around. These will have fixed chances of happening for now, but during the day I hope to change that to be according to how much your team trusts you, how good you are, how good your team is and how good the opposing team is. For now I won't leave you guys with a screenshot, but tonight I'm almost 100% that I'll post something downloadable here!

This has been fun, but now I have a really crappy headache.

See you guys.

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