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TMKCodes' Journal

4: Adsense

The second day, yesterdays work removed.

The second day, yesterdays work removed. Triangle is where the second day is finished.

Today after I wrote my yesterdays report I continued programming and I created View class which constructor opens glfw window and I tried to pass the three templates I created yesterday as parameters in to the View class, but I found it pretty hard, because I had to reinterpret_cast the template class...

Yesterday was the first day of ScrewGUI

So what is this?

I am going to start writing daily reports about what I do with ScrewGUI my new C++ project. I forgot yesterday to write the first report, but I will write it now before continuing programming. You will get today's report later today.

What I programmed yesterday?

I Wrote three templates which were Screw::Vertex,...

Why I hate deadlines!

So I hate deadlines, but why?
  • Forces developer to work under pressure as fast as they can.
  • The word basically means death of the project if the project is not finished when the deadline time is passed.
  • It is used as a way to see if workers actually do their work with sub deadlines.

Basically I think that forcing...