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On a physics fix!

Posted by , in Personal 23 July 2012 · 1,201 views

So I've been getting out in the creative side of the forum and been getting some really good feed back, I'm really happy to see that. Thank you guys. :)

Some of my plot ideas are coming together, more on that later in the writing forum when its a bit more firm. Been having a great discussion in Prinz Eugn's journal about realistic limitations of weapons and sensors on spacecraft. Very stimulating stuff and it currently has me plowing through a physics junky fix searching for the key to faster that light travel. So far I have two windows each full of tabs open. One is a huge amount of spaceship art, and the other is a Wikipedia walk through mad scientist physics.

I did some research on "faster" than light speed travel a while back, and there are a few ways it's theoretically possible, good luck with your research.
I've yet to find one I'm happy with. Warpdrives don't make sense. I think fuxin' with the vacuum energy to change the speed of light is the only way.
One way would to have an object within the ship move forward within the ship, as the ship reaches light speed, the item could then propel itself from within, this would allow it to move faster that light speed, but because this is "impossible" the theory is time would slow down to allow the object and the spacecraft to move faster than light speed, but this really is only effective in situations like trains and subways type system, since it has to have a portion your in to be propelled inside of something on a predetermined path.
Or you could settle with the idea of using negative energy to contract space in front of you and expand space behind you, thought that might be the same science behind a warp drive.
It is, it also is often ignored by popular sci-fi that doing that doesn't keep you from experiencing time dilation, its just a way to move fast enough that it matters. Time dilation will always occur if the speed you crossed a given space is fast enough. Doesn't matter if you make the space stretch or shrink, its still a given amount of space. Only way around it is to either change the speed of light so you can go faster, or not cross the space at all. That second one would be referring to worm holes. Great for a distance but doesn't solve how to have a big fire fight in space without moving like slugs.

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