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Ano Sekai dev blog opened

I opened a new blog at wordpress to keep all of my work on Ano Sekai in one place:

SteelGolem's Ano Sekai Official Development Blog

As Different As Day and Night


So yeah, I'm playing with lighting and colors for various parts of the day. Right now I've only got the day and night colors; I wanted to do the sunset/sunrise colors too, but then I realized that I can't just use directional lights for everything! I built...

Weather Forecast: Awesome with Cloudy Periods

Well, no, I don't have actual weather in the game yet. And I'm not going to do that for a little while yet, I don't think. But I do have temporary clouds now:

Yay! No point in making a video over this. Maybe I'll add temporary trees on my temporary landscape next!

Them Thar Hills!

I made up a vid to show off The Shiny New Thing ™:

So yep, I've got hills and valleys, sea level, new textures, collision detection, and jumping/falling in. I'll let the video speak for itself.

Moar Insignificant Updates

Sprite-to-Block collisions are now working, as well as Gravity/Falling and Jumping. I can't really show it in a picture, and I'm not going to make a video about such a small step. It was worth mentioning, thats all. Hopefully I'll have something worth posting a video about, next time.