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Mr Shine and Mr Bright - now with 100% more video!

4: Adsense

Uploaded the vid! Here it is:


Ssssssssssso, it turnssssssssssssssss out that I am 1/4 creeper on my father'ssssssssssssss sssssssssssside. Yeah, I have no idea how to deal with those awful, horrible S's. I suspect i need a filter of some sort but I have no idea how to do anything to fix audio up.

I would like to have the sky change color with the position of the sun and moon, as well as stars in the sky at night. I also want to have light levels in the chunks, which would also be affected by the time of day.

I'm more interested in adding some actual gameplay than those kinds of things - I only added the sun and moon because I saw in my mind's eye how easy it was going to be to add them. But, like I said in the video, I go wherever my whims take me. I don't have a schedule, or even a List of All the Things I'll be Putting Into it. I'm coding by the seat of my pants, and coming up with ideas completely at random times.

Thanks again to Blecki for helping me out with Stuff.

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