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RuinValor - Birth of Talos

4: Adsense

SlimDX vs SharpDX

Initially, we were not going to make the change, but it would seem SlimDX is losing support as it has not been updated in ages. That said, the same people who made it ( some of them anyway ) have moved onto the new SharpDX base. The best part of this is the new SharpDX setup allows for DX11.1 updates and already supports its functionality. This is...

Character Development

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I have been very busy over the course of the past month... as such I have not updated this blog much. Here is a picture of the completed Gorgane model ( or MOSTLY complete...

Model Work

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After a weeks worth of a break we have finally had some progress on the normal map for the gorgane model. This is still not complete but I figured it has been a while since I have posted so I might share what we have been up to. Our goal is to have the gorgane...