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RuinValor - Birth of Talos

4: Adsense

Shield Video


Ill just leave this here and see what the thoughts are! :P

Shield Concept


The texture is certainly not complete, but I feel it is moving the right direction. We finally got them to show up in game and should have some video in the days to come! enjoy

Glamorshots with Marmoset Toolbag 2.0 + Fireworks 2.0!

Was messing with Marmoset Toolbag 2.0 this morning and I have FINALLY figured out the best method for rendering within it! (still need to bone up on lighting it seems) The following images are of the new setup and should provide a higher quality of image when posting this for showcasing.

I have also been working on a new texture for the gorgane... someth...

New Year, new goals / things missed

I know we have been rather silent ( except for in chat ) about what is going on with our development so I figured I would take some time to update everybody.

Animation System:
Thanks to the help fo all8 and others we are revamping our entire entity/animation system. With the new updates in place we should be able to accommodate advanced animations such...

Torch Particles

Not much to show off since I was almost deployed to Philippines ( more or less was on 24h notice for a week ) but I have been able to finish up our torch particles!


RuinValor: Blood Decal + NPC Ai Combat!


Here you can see our decal system. (keep in mind none of this is optimized currently and we still had good fps). The following is a video of this stuff in action!


Pumpkin Patch


I was trying to make a nice picture for our Halloween celebration, when we found several issues with lighting, normals, emissives, and specular's. Luckily we were able to resolve them and thus the picture you see now! :)

Wisp + Night + Gorgane = Win?

Spent most of last night working on getting the wisp all good to go!


Here you can actually see it live in game!


Updated Lighting + New clouds


Productive Week

This week has been rather productive. Last weekend I was sitting idle in the chat ( gamedev.net chat that is ) when a few helpful people agreed to view a demo of my game and comment on some issues/concerns I had. Two hours later I had gotten more than an ear full and felt as though we really had something to work with. Thanks to all of those who were ther...