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RuinValor - Birth of Talos

RuinValor: Enviromental Lighting

Posted by , 14 October 2013 - - - - - - · 909 views

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Been working on the new color settings and I think we have a mix of what we want the game to look like. Now its time to mess with the textures and speculars. Here is a picture of our new shadow system as well:

Posted Image

There are other small things we have added but I will save those for our upcoming video. Thanks for checking us out and let me know what your thoughts are.

Countdown Article #2

Posted by , 24 September 2013 - - - - - - · 1,011 views

Got some other work to show off but keeping that for our big update! Progress is coming along quickly and things are really shaping up. Now if we could just figure out the network issues!

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Effects Updates

Posted by , 30 August 2013 - - - - - - · 661 views

We are preparing many of the assets that will be used in the video. To do this we need to revamp ALL of the art that we have done so far and make it production quality. Today's post will show off that iterative process!

Posted Image

Here you will see the failed attempt of making a fireball texture. The blend mode was messed up so it was rendering just a square!

Posted Image

With some finagling we were able to get the center to be a solid ball, but the flames were creating the well known "Waffle" effect! Seems the pyro TF2 bug has hit our game as well!!! LMAO

Posted Image

With a bit more work we were able to get the waffles to subside and got something that resembled smoke/flames! Now, we need to color the smoke to go from orange to black!

Posted Image

This failed, and all we saw was black, but it looked like something from a Harry Potter movie!

I will be resuming work on it today and seeing what can be done. The effect will be a good one when we are complete and should make for a very powerful fireball. Our new system is GPU Based as well so much of the work ( if you have a good graphics card ) causes no lag!

Gorgane Animation Set

Posted by , 22 August 2013 - - - - - - · 664 views

Gorgane Animation Set We spent a bit of time working on fixing the specular setup, normal maps, as well as the detail maps. After some of this had been relearned ( since I have been busy with other stuff from the art side of the house ) we got the ball rolling and were able to create something we really wanted. The look and feel is exactly what I had hoped for and you can imagine you will see other animals like this in the game that will be creepy as hell at night!

Some of the animations need work as they cause the model to contort a bit but those will be minor changes that can take place at any time in the development process for polish. For now the main focus is just getting in the brunt of the heavy lifting ( the core elements ) and trying to smooth them all out once that is complete. Hope you all like it and let me know what your thoughts are.

First in game look at our gorgane models doing animation stuff!

Gorgane Texture(s) again!

Posted by , 19 August 2013 - - - - - - · 711 views

Been working on the gorgane texture again ( so it will be final ) and this is the normal map work I have so far. Still a bit more to go and I have to add in the skin detail, but I think it is going well so far.

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Game Update #5

Posted by , 17 August 2013 - - - - - - · 803 views
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We have been focusing most of our efforts on getting things ready for the video. You might ask us why, and that would be a valid question in this case. The video is the most important aspect of the game in this part of development because we need you, the customers, to feel like this game is worth purchasing before it is complete. This means we need to show you what we want for the game without having it all done and in place. You could imagine how tricky this could be as much of the code needs to be present for the game to run “as it should be played”. To account for this we have focused on key things such as Boss monsters ( found in the image to the left ) and the playable races ( found in images below ).

Posted Image

While the artists ( myself and Eric ) have been working on the face of the video Telanor and Earthmark have been working the back end. We have completed GPU particles, Decal System ( thanks to the help of gamedev members ), Skill System, and advanced crafting. All of these will be on display during the video and will help to play a key role in telling the story of the RuinValor Development.

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Some other systems that have been in for some time, yet have gone untested, are as follows: UI Elements, Mod API, UI Modes, Character Creation, AI Controls, AI Setup, and AI behaviors. We plan to show off bits and pieces of those throughout the video but since most of those require a more completed core we have to wait a bit before we go too much into those. Most of them work, if that is what you are wondering, but they are not void of bugs and errors and at this point its all about putting your best foot forward.

Posted Image

The last part of this week has been dedicated to finishing the gorgane. I know you have seen many renditions of this beast and you might be wondering “They must really love this thing!”, and you wouldn’t be half wrong. The gorgane is going to be a key character in the main video being released. It is for this reason that we have spent so much time trying to make it the best quality possible. The picture above shows the gorgane without his armor, ( which will be released in the video ) but we feel it lets you see the handpainted style we are going for. I will be spending the better part of this weekending completing the textures for the human and the dwarf character as well.

So where does this leave us? Right now we are 2 weeks away from the kickstarter project. We will spend the last week of August testing and gathering all the video needed for the event. For those of you wonder, yes we will be posting more updates and game developments throughout the Kickstarter process. Lastly, we are working to revamp the website and get everything working in a professional manor. Expect some big changes over the course of the next few weeks and as always if you have any questions or thoughts please do not hesitate to share!

Game Update #4

Posted by , 20 July 2013 - - - - - - · 769 views

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This is the final version of the catapult. I am going to be adding in the specular and normal maps when our terrain is done. Tomorrow I will start work back on the gorgane, human, dwarf, and the goblin. This catapult has been a very rewarded experience as I was able to solidify techniques that I have not used in several years. It was a nice ease-in to the other elements that still need to be worked on ( such as the UI ).

In other news, earthmark and telanor are still very busy working with the terrain and attempting to get it working as I have envisioned it. It is proving to be a rather large setback and if it takes too much more time we might have to cut or limit what goes in for the video. Such is the hardships one must endure when doing something that is not backed by big bucks and established coders from the industry!

Lastly, I have been in school for some advanced training these past two weeks. It has given me some serious time to jot down most or all of what we want to accomplish before the kickstarter. I plan to start to add that information to the website as soon as our work on the base models is finished. Thanks for watching/reading about this project and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Updated Goblin ( side profile )
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Game Update #3

Posted by , 02 July 2013 - - - - - - · 1,268 views

Game Update #3 This week has been really busy with us working on getting the catapult into the game. The issue was, after we removed the block system we had no way to place the objects. This presented us with a unique option ( not really lol ) of showing the placed model in a holographic manor. We also use this method for when you are using our shaping tool for the terrain. ( another feature we will be showing off for kickstarter ) This holograph shader can be used in many scenarios but for now we are using it for placement of model objects and block placement and modification. To see what this looks like you can view it here:

Posted Image

This shader eventually led to use unlocking something we will use for the ghosts in the game! Funny how that works out.

In other news, Earthmark has more or less figured out the hermit process and has a working system for the terrain. We have some small issues but he assures me these will be done within a few weeks. We are taking this extra time to work on a playable "Press Demo" that we will release to key press locations. The hope is that they will like what they see and spread the good word! Part of this is cleaning up some of the shaders and adding in a bit of polish. This is not normally part of the process but I think it will be important for us to reach the 150k mark we need.

Some of the models we have completed is the: Human, Dwarf, fence posts, sign posts, chests, backpack, axe, hammer, saw, pitchform, rocks, tree(s), and a few others. I hope to show off the models in the coming updates but time has me focused on the gorgane and reworking its texture to look more.... powerful.

Posted Image

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Last, but certainly not least, Goss has completed the foundation for flowing water. We plan to add this in with the marching cubes to create an almost realistic look to the flow. Initial tests are being done through unity and we will port it over once they are complete. I hope to show a video of this but I am unclear as to when this will occur... so stay tuned. Thanks for the interest and hope all of you are doing well.

Ill leave you with some concept art from our primary artist!
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Game Update #2

Posted by , 16 June 2013 - - - - - - · 1,021 views

Game Update #2 This week has been a busy one. We have been working feverishly to get the terrain generation, destruction, and modification working. During this process we found “garbage collection” ( stuff that is a waste ) in the excess of 12gb. This excessive waste created massive lag on the client and once removed provided a much smoother game experience.

In other news, the Pre-Alpha has gone out to a select few who had shown interest since the early days. Their job will be to focus testing on areas of interest for the first stages of gameplay. Their job will not be a fun one as most of the bugs are game breaking at this point, but with enough time and diligence their work will prove to be the difference between a solid product and just another boring indie pushed out too fast! We have also recently hired on another 3d modeler named Eric. We are very excited to have him as his work ethic and skill are par with what we need to make this happen. He has begun work on the dwarf body type and will be moving to the egosdians next. Expect to see screenshots soon.

Before we close this week I will leave you with two screenshots related to this weeks development!

Posted Image

RuinValor: Dual Contouring + Water Shader

Posted by , 06 June 2013 - - - - - - · 1,826 views
RuinValor, Game, Indie, Minecraft and 6 more...
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As you can see we have had some serious rework to our terrain system. With dual contouring we are able to produce some very detailed terrain that still is destructible like we had originally desired. The idea is to keep the block'ish look for the building tools and make the terrain smooth and such. This will give us the go between that we have been looking for and will let our game look good while being simple to play.

Our primary site has had a rework and we are working feverishly to get our obfuscation software working so we can start the early pre-alpha testing. Within a week or so we should have something of note to show off in the light of a video.

In my free time I have been working on the gorgane and completed the entire set of armor ( for the basic grunt ) and have started work on the texturing of it. You can see the texture as of 2 nights ago.

Posted Image

He is made of rock so there will be lots of cracks in the skin. This will be amplified but the occlusion map, normal map, and lastly the specular map. I have most of the back and head complete I need to work on the legs and feet tonight. This has proven to be a rather interesting project and I will certainly be happy when this portion is complete.

Last but certainly not least, we have purchased the greenlight process ( but we have not posted it yet ). Once the intro video is complete and the art for the website/kickstarter are in place we plan to dual release on both. Similar games in our field have done this and made anywhere from 300k - 750k. Our goal will be modest at the 150k mark so let us hope that we can generate enough attention to obtain that. Advertisement and legal documents have been what have occupied most of my time. Once our kickstarter is complete we plan on hiring another artist to assist with the model creation and help crank out some serious game content.

Thanks for reading and please let me know any comments, questions, thoughts you might have.

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