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RuinValor - Birth of Talos

4: Adsense

RuinValor: Enviromental Lighting


Been working on the new color settings and I think we have a mix of what we want the game to look lik...

Countdown Article #2


Got some other work to show off but keeping that for our big update! Progress is coming along quickly and things are really shaping up. Now if we could just figure out the network issues!


Effects Updates

We are preparing many of the assets that will be used in the video. To do this we need to revamp ALL of the art that we have done so far and make it production quality. Today's post will show off that iterative process!


Here you will see the failed attempt of making a f...

Gorgane Animation Set

Gorgane Animation Set We spent a bit of time working on fixing the specular setup, normal maps, as well as the detail maps. After some of this had been relearned ( since I have been busy with other stuff from the art side of the house ) we got the ball rolling and were able to create something we really wanted. The look and feel is exactly what I had hoped for and you can imag...

Gorgane Texture(s) again!

Been working on the gorgane texture again ( so it will be final ) and this is the normal map work I have so far. Still a bit more to go and I have to add in the skin detail, but I think it is going well so far.


Game Update #5


We have been focusing most of our efforts on getting things ready for the video. You might ask us why, and that would be a valid question in this case. The video is the most important aspect of the game in this part of development because we need you, the customers, to fe...

Game Update #4


This is the final version of the catapult. I am going to be adding in the specular and normal maps when our terrain is done. Tomorrow I will start work back on the gorgane, human, dwarf, and the goblin. This catapult has been a very rewarded experience as I was able to so...

Game Update #3

Game Update #3 This week has been really busy with us working on getting the catapult into the game. The issue was, after we removed the block system we had no way to place the objects. This presented us with a unique option ( not really lol ) of showing the placed model in a holographic manor. We also use this method for when you are using our shaping tool for the terr...

Game Update #2

Game Update #2 This week has been a busy one. We have been working feverishly to get the terrain generation, destruction, and modification working. During this process we found “garbage collection” ( stuff that is a waste ) in the excess of 12gb. This excessive waste created massive lag on the client and once removed provided a much smoother game experience.

In other...

RuinValor: Dual Contouring + Water Shader

http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/album_371/gallery_1_371_215421.png http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/album_371/gallery_1_371_54049.jpg As you can see we have had some serious rework to our terrain system. With dual contouring we are able to produce some very detailed terrain that still is destructible like we had originally...