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RuinValor - Birth of Talos

4: Adsense

RuinValor: Gorgane Work

Been a while since I showed the progress on the gorgane here is our newest video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWyf0k2c1iE Let me know your thoughts!

RuinValor - Water Additions

Most of the core code for the movie and kickstarter process is in place. While I am busy plugging away at other things such as art and concepts the coders have been fine tuning some things:http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/22/21100/showoff005.jpg This is a very limited version of the dual contouring equation we are using for smooth land. With the he...

Gorgane Armored

http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/22/21100/gorgane_armor001.jpg This is just the basic armor, no textures or any form of normal mapping... but i think it looks good so far

Parallax Video Art v1

Parallax Video Art v1 So the art has changed considerably from when I first started but.... the idea is that we will use a script and mimic the common parallaxed video for the lore. I figure I can make some quick sketches and put them together to make a very good lore set.... that will explain the story and save us time of trying to do all the animations and such.The purpose o...

Fun with AI?

This week we have been working with the ai. This is a funny video associated with our gorgane and trying to get this to work!

RuinValor - AI Work

http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/category_8/gallery_1_8_342659.png You have heard of where is waldo..... well this is the game called "Where is the gorgane", click the spoiler below to find him!http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/category_8/gallery_1_8_704328.png  In case you are wondering, he is under the world! Telanor is wo...

Relearning to draw

Things have been rather silent. I have been taking a course on Radio Waves and the management of them through a new system ( not really new but they call it that ) called CBSP ( commercial broadband satellite program ). If you are wondering why the hell I am doing that... my real job is an IT with the USN so I get stuck doing some odd things here and ther...

Gorgane 360 + Gorgane Walk

http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/album_371/gallery_1_371_1741136.gif On top of this image I have linked you a video of the actual walk cycle! Some small refinements need to happen but I think the base movement is solid and in place.http://youtu.be/JVKlLpWveJc

Gorgane Rig

Gorgane Rig Added the gorgane character rig. It has taken me some time to get this working as we had some issues with collida and exporting but we have confirmed the working pipeline and things are in place! I had to spend some time to rework it and test what parts/elements would and would not work with Collida. There are many errors and many Maya based tools that yo...

Point Light Shadows + Concept Art

Point Light Shadows + Concept Art We finally got the point light shadows to work thus saving us from the light bleed that was occurring. This is monumental as it lets our torch's and other light sources render light properly. Couple this with our ability to spawn thousands of lights with limited FPS hit and we are in business!I know you have not heard from or seen me on much this week! I...