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The Premise

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A few people have wanted me to describe the process of our project and what we are hoping to accomplish. Without giving out too much information I will attempt to do that now.
Conception of the Idea:

My background with gaming can go all the way back to Baldur's Gate. The first game that ever made me want to create things was Neverwinter Nights ( NWN ). I will admit that I did not see the potential in the game when I first played it. It was not until I started to play the multiplayer aspect that I realized how much raw potential the game possessed. I played on a server called "Asherons Call" and this is where I learned what RP was like. It only took a few months for me to realize that the server could be ran better so I created my own and named it "Ruin Valor". Within hours of having the server up we were full and had 30+ players delving into our content. ( 30+ was a big deal back then, just saying ). What I liked most about the game was the ability to create almost anything through the editor tools. They gave me the backend and I used that to tell the story of RuinValor.

Time would progress and I would move on from the NWN scene and into MMO's. As I would play some of the newer games I noticed a trend happening. Games stopped being about content and more about money. Developers were throwing out titles in less than a year of production time, and most of them were copying stuff they had used before. Little to no advancements ( other than graphics ) were being made to each of the titles showing up. The most alarming factor I saw was the addition of content through DLC, online only games, and lastly in game content being sold for outrageous prices. I thought to myself "This is absurd, why are they doing this?" Logically I understand because it means more money, more money means they can make more games, more games means they can make more money! Cyclical system designed for one thing in mind, Money.

A game would come out that would change all of that. Minecraft! While i hated the art style and the game itself was overly simplistic it had something that most other games do not. Freedom to control whatever you wanted. The ability to host a server was free and as long as the players had the game they could join up with relative ease. Plugins started to spawn and before you knew it the game had gone global with notoriety. It was then that I knew I could create the game I wanted using the voxel based mindset.

The Premise:
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The entire concept is to create a game that will allow players to claim land, build castles/cities/towns, and wage war upon them while doing so. Players will use the world and the surroundings to build the best possible army/fort and from there bid war to control the land/regions. The bigger your country gets the more perks you obtain. The process of doing this is to allow for borders of countries to expand!

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Once those borders have expanded enough, they will start to run into other borders and then war will happen! War might happen before that ( lets be honest humans love to mess around with things ) but the idea is to have multiple pressures that force the idea of conflict. Ultimately, you wouldnt have to do this if you did not desire to do so... but we want to make the rewards of it, to be well worth the effort.

What makes this game different:

The best part of the game is that it is not limited to this game mode. We are designing the game with near 100% customization of all features and assets in the game. We have adopted the "modular" concept with its design. You could create your own shaders for your server, your own blocks, your own rules and regulations for how the engine works. You can even create your own skills, all with the editing of some very basic XML files located in the configuration folder. This allows server owners to tell their very own story. If you are too lazy or just don't care you can use the one the game will ship with. If not, you are more than welcome to edit things to your hearts content and make the server feel and act the way you like.

What have you done so far:

As of now the core engine is near complete. We are working to get character interaction, item involvement, and terrain generation. After these things have been completed we will be working on mostly front end stuff. Trading, Economy Systems, Chat channels, and thousands of other additions.

Can I join this project?

Right now? No, but that might change in the near future once an NDA is drawn up for working on the project. If you are a 3d artist you are welcome to message me about interest in helping with this project.

Jul 27 2012 11:32 PM
Your game concept appears to hold a lot of replay value!!! Looking forward to a demo!

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