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All bark and no bite!

Posted by , 31 July 2012 · 1,455 views

RuinValor C# SlimDX Voxel Model Design
All bark and no bite! Something our project is aiming to do is mix the model world, with the voxel world. To do this we need to find a happy medium with how we want to represent trees. I dont want a voxel based tree like Wollay has, but I dont want some corny low poly tree either. So, i started to play with the concept of what a tree looks like and how you could mesh that down to be a low poly hand painted model. Here is a sketch ( done in 25 seconds ) of what it could look like.

The tree on the left is kinda the shape that I would look for and we would have 2 - 5 different types of trees. This way it would give the idea of being volume based when you traversed a forest. The key to this is maintaining a style that matches the voxel theme. Let me know what you guys think. I should have a 3d model within a day or so to post up here as an edit.

Posted Image

I dont want a voxel based tree like Wollay has

To be honest, this is the way to go if you want a consistent style, which is very important (art wise).

From a technical point of view mixing polys and voxels is harder too (checking voxel vs voxel is much easier than voxel vs poly).
Well, the entire game is going to have poly + voxel. What we are doing is making each of our poly's take up the space of what a voxel would. So a 5x5x10 tree would take up the same space if it was a voxel based tree. The player interacts with the tree and once destroyed that entire area of 5x5x10 is now available for building again.

One of our dev members did bring up the idea that people cant make treehouse's and such. So i think I will just add in some tree blocks and leaves just in case people want to go retro with it. ( although they could do this themselves with our mod tools ).

Thanks for the advice and I will keep trying to make it fit within the art realm. We are def not going for real trees
Have you considered using the marching cubes algorithm on the voxel portion, so as to keep the voxels, but bring the styles closer?
You mean near the base? of the tree? or for the entire world?
For the world...

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