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Blood Rain, Inline Terrain Editing, and Crafting Update!

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Today has been a very exciting day. With the creation of our particle system we are now able to create rain. The particle system will control such things as:

Max Particles
Min Age
Max Age
Min Velocity
Max Velocity
Start Color
End color
Min Rotation Speed
Max Rotation Speed
Min/Max Start/End size
Affected by wind

Per Particle
End Age
Rotation Speed
End Size

From a simple rain particle we were able to change the color and intensity so we now have falling rain! This is a rather large improvement on the visual aspect of the game. Sadly, because of our lack of information on the GPU particle system we had to go with a basic CPU setup. After the more solid forms of the game are established we will move to the GPU setup ( assuming we can find out way around all the non existent information about it )

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In other news, we have created a tool that lets map makers ( as well as me ) edit the layout of the land ON THE FLY in the game. Our voxel generation algorithm can spawn everything within your region within a few seconds. This lets us create a tool that allows for in game editing of the perlin noise system. You might be asking, " What does that mean riuthamus?" Fairly simple:

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With these setting you can modify the strength of the hills that show up, the base flatland, how far flatland exists, and many other features. Our primary use for this tool is to get some genera terrain types that we like so we can create biomes for players. From there you can define your own perlin noise variables to create your own versions of the biomes that will exist and spawn. You can imagine how epic of a tool this could be for those people who want to have island maps, or volcano only maps... really the sky is the limit!

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Something that I have not shown off on this site directly was our dynamic sky settings. As you can see this is going to create some really sexy settings. On top of being able to fully modify the land with an in game UI, you are also able to modify the sky, ambient color, fog color, distance, as well as the sun and moon color rotations. All from the comfort of your hovel in game! The best part is that this system works like all the others and immediately changes the sky in game. This leads to some fun experiments when we have a person enter one biome to the next. When the biome code is finished we will be showing off some screenshots of the different biomes and their color effects. At some point we will be adding in tone mapping to support the environment settings.

Lastly, the crafting system is still under major work. We have finished the first part but are lacking some of the more detailed aspects I would desire before showing it off. I can tell you that most of the features of the crafting system can be turned on or off through a simple variable change in an XML. Allowing server owners to really control how crafting works in the game. Make it simple so the noobs dont get upset or create a hardcore crafting system that challenges the players to think before they craft! The choice is up to you.

RuinValor is about you telling the story of our world as you experience it! I leave you with a few bloopers screenshots!

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Aug 10 2012 05:17 PM
Wow looking good! Like the rain effect! Will there be splashes when a drop hits the ground, or water?
Aug 10 2012 08:04 PM
Yes, there will be splashes. Those are all just part of the particle system.
Aug 11 2012 10:21 AM
Very nice! :)
Aug 13 2012 10:58 PM

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