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And you thought zombies in Minecraft were scary!

RuinValor C# Minecraft SlimDX Voxel Animation Characters
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The still image is really not enough to describe how freaky this thing looked. When doing something that nobody else has done yet ( or released ) you come up with some really odd situations. This was one of those. I showed this to my community and everybody laughing saying "this is the creeper of RuinValor and it was far scarier!". Who knows, maybe I will make a gag thing just for the hell of it! What this really is, is a vertices issue that went crazy!

After several hours of documentation browsing we finally got the Collada loader to work with animations and bones. This is the first one that we have known to work for C# applications. ( there are plenty of C++ ones out there ) We have not done any further testing of it as of yet and we are a very long way from being complete. We still need to write the animation smoother, as well as how models and seems will work. From there we need to work on bones and attaching items/equipment to these.... it is a long road but one that is taking form fairly quickly.

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I plan on doing a stress test with 100+ of these models moving and animating in the same area. This will give us a clear idea of what a common players FPS would be when loading a full server of players. ( yes we plan to support 100 players on one server. ) I will post when I know more. BTW, crafting is coming along amazingly... i really want to show it off but I have been encouraged to wait till our kickstarter project starts.

Aug 16 2012 10:38 AM
I think you should get that bug back and save this model, it's a great monster to use :)
Aug 16 2012 03:35 PM
Yeah, i am going to upload the video with it, shortly! you guys would laugh.

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