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Icon Set

Posted by , 17 August 2012 · 1,079 views

RuinValor C# SlimDX Icons Voxel UI Art Minecraft
Posted Image

This is just a test of what the icons would look like. Let me know what you think... these are by no means the final draft version. Yes i created them and most of them took 30 min to make! Posted Image

Posted Image

Hello these icons are very, very cool.
I might need some icons like that to the demo that I am doing.

Check install and run if you like: http://pmborg.wix.com/dx11woma

I will need more icons for the bag, please let me know if you want help me on that.

eh... not sure if this an advertisement or not... you know you could have just pm'd me... Also, is this paid work or are you just looking for a few icons? Just send me a pm with the details and we can go from there.
I was asking if you mind to use it in a future.
I am new on this site, what is a pm (personal message)?
Yes, it means a personal message. Click my profile name and then click send a PM.
The first image is giving me a mindf**k. is it tilting towards or backwards from the viewperspective?
towards, i suppose I should fix the water! :P
fixed the water!
Very nicely done!
Great looking icons! You rock!

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