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RuinValorSlimDX C# Magic Spells Voxel Minecraft
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This is our first try at adding spells and the like. As you can see we have a bit of ways to go before things are complete but I think this is a solid start. The first part of the video gives a peak into our animation smoothing; which then rolls into the terrain generation. I know you dont see any major stuff being created at this point but that is because our main focus has been on animation and block functions. Day by day we are pushing and adding in new content and spreading in whole new areas.

Our biggest issue right now is trying to figure out how to get lighting to work properly for caves. We have a thread in the general gaming location and some promising concepts have been created from that. Within a week or so we might have some type of progress.

One of our main coders, Goss, just started to move and will be out of business for a few days. Earthmark, our main UI elements guy has been hard at work with getting situated at College. This has ultimately hindered some of our normal production times but you can see we are still going strong. I have been focusing on creating art for the particle system we have created. We may have some sexy screenshots once we get some more of the skills put in place. Stay tuned, we are not going anywhere!

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